this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


13. just when I thought things were getting better

i woke up in Keaton's arms. There was just something about him that made everything better. I quietly got up from his bed to go to the bathroom. I washed off the dry tears and walked back to the bedroom. "Good morning" he said smiling. "Can we go get something to eat i'm starving" I said. "Yeah" he said getting out of bed. "awe is little Keaton still tired?" I said poking his nose. "yes I am actually" he said poking my sides. I just giggled. "Wow you actually got him up" Drew said eating his pancake. Keaton and I both got our pancakes and I sat by Wes and Keaton. "Hold on i'm going to go get my phone" I said jumping up. When I got my phone I had three missed calls. One from Jane and two from Niall. I decided to call him back o end things with him. "Hello is that you Harmony" He asked "Yeah Niall were through" I said. "YOU WON'T EVEN LET ME EXPLAIN?!" he know was yelling "Niall seriously, you are the last person that should be yelling at me!" I was now pissed off, "And there's nothing to explain!! You cheated end of story" "You promised me you wouldn't leave me for one of them." He said. "And you promised you wouldn't cheat on me" I hung up the phone and started crying again. Why the hell would he yell at me?

"Hey what happened I heard you yelling?" Keaton asked me kneeling next to me. "I dumped him and he wanted an....*Sniffles*.. explanation" "Harmony slow down and breathe" He said taking my hand. My phone starting buzzing and it read Harry "I need to talk to him i'll be down after okay?" I said kissing his cheek. He smiled and blushed and went back to the kitchen. "Harry" I said through tears. "Harmony where are you we have to talk, I miss you and I need to see you, I hate seeing my family cry" "I'm at Keaton and Wesley's house" I gave Harry the adress and got dressed. "Hey guys i'm going to go hang out with Harry i'll be back in a little while. "You are coming back right?" Keaton asked looking sad. "Of course" I said hugging him. 

When Harry got out of the car I ran into his arms. "Harmony I've missed you so much!" Harry said. "I have to!" we got in his car and I said. "Oh and get this, he yelled at me when I broke up with him" "Wow what a douche" Harry said focusing on the road ahead. "So were are we going anyway?" I asked. "To go get Ice Cream!" Harry said like a little kid. after we ate Ice cream we got back in the car. "You know i'm actually feeling a lot better!" I said putting my arm out the window. "See I knew i'd make you feel better!" "But there is something that will make me feel even better" I said now making a puppy dog face,"Star Bucks, I'll pay though i just want to go" "No you aren't paying, even though i think of you as a sister you still aren't paying" I just huffed and looked out the window again. When we got there the pa was crazy "Did you tweet we were coming here?" Harry asked confused. "No I didn't" What I saw put me into tears. Niall and Demi were making out and holding hands inside the store. "I'm sorry I took you h-" "No it's my fault I wanted to come and if you think i'm crying because i'm sad I am definitely not i'm crying because of how pissed off I am" I opened the car door. "Harmony wait!" Harry called. It was to late. "Seriously Niall!!! We just broke up this morning and you're already with another girl!? Shows how much you really loved me!" "I did love you Harmony!!" He yelled back. We were causing a big scene but I didn't care. "Yeah now what this is all done i'm getting my suitcases and moving in with Keaton and Wesley. I'm officially done with you" I said walking out the door. When were driving back to the hotel Harry looked upset. "What's wrong?" I asked. "You'll still see me right?" He asked about to cry. "Of course i will!" I said kissing his cheek, "You're my brother i'm always going to see you!"  

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