this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


10. chocolate addiction and movies

*Harmony's POV*

  i woke up with the worst cramps ever. "i feel like dying" I groaned. " Baby do you want me to get you chocolate?" Niall asked. "Yes!" I said, "Thank you love" i said kissing him. after he left i decided to take bath. about 20 minutes i got out and dried myself off. When i got out Niall was sitting on the bed with two bags of white chocolate Hershey bars and the vow, the notebook, and the last song. "We don't have anything planned so it's just you and me today" " you're the best" I said kissing him. "What movie do you want to start with?" He asked looking at them all. "Uh lets start with the notebook!" I said. "this is going to be us one day, well without you loosing your memory" he said, "That's going to be us growing old " i just smiled. he was seriously the sweetest boyfriend i've ever had. When it got to the part where they died together i balled my eyes out. I looked up and Niall was trying to act tough but i knew he wanted to cry just as bad as me. "Niall you don't have to hold the tears back, i won't tell anyone you cried" I said and then winked. then he just started crying like a baby. i went on twitter and tweeted to all the boys especially. Awe guys @/Real_Liam_Payne @/Louis_Tomilinson @/ZaynMalik  @Harry_Styles Niall just cried while watching The Notebook with me. "Baby you said you wouldn't tell anyone!" He said wiping away tears. " Oops" I said innocently. He just kissed me. My phone went off and it was Louis replying to my tweet @/Harmony_Love Awe what a cupcake! @/Louis_Tomlinson @/Harmony_Love hey i'm the cupcake! @/Harry_Styles yes you are!:P. "Hey look I trended!" He said showing me the worldwide trends and sue enough "Niall the cupcake" trended. One direction fans were seriously amazing. after the notebook Niall put in The Vow and we snuggled close again.

   "Niall bro i'm sorry but we have an interview that was set up 15 minutes ago so we have to go" Niall just looked at me upset, "Okay i'll be ready in a little bit" I was livid, Niall and i were just supposed to have the day to ourselves but obviously that wasn't happening. "I'll see you in about an hour okay Love?" He said. "Alright" i flipped myself over before he could kiss me. "I'm sorry Harmony" He said shutting the door behind him.  Just then Jane walked in. "Hey, you seem upset" "I'm freaking pissed!" I said, "It was supposed to be Niall and I day" "Yeah i'm a little upset to" "Hey want to watch the Notebook with me again?" "Yeah sure" It was actually really nice to hangout with my sister. Someone was at the door. "Hold on!" I said getting up. It was Chris "I'm going to get Starbucks  you two want anything?" "Yes! i want my usual!" I said getting my wallet. "No need i'll pay for it" "But Chris  You do so much for us i want to" No i'll pay! Jane want anything " "Yes please, i want a chai tea!""Alright i'll be right back" "okay" i said closing the door. I started the notebook again and we both laid down. "Hows your baby?" I asked putting my hand in her stomach. "Good, we find out what it is tomorrow " She said happily. "Oh that's great!" I said smiling. "I  miss you" She said. "I miss you too, were sisters and we barely see each other anymore  I blame Niall" We both busted out laughing, just then Chris came back with our coffee and tea. "This has actually turned out to be a good day" i said happily. 

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