this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


4. Alyssa rose james


 "Harry how did you even meet Alyssa?" Harmony asked. " well about 5 months ago i went to Starbucks like any normal day, when i got there i ordered the usual, caramel frappe, and that's when Ali walked in with her ex boyfriend Todd . the first time i saw her i fell for her. they both walked outside to the out door patio where i was. i couldn't hear what they were arguing about but then Todd slapped her across the face that's when i got up and said who do you think you are slapping a girl? he just said get out of my business  shes just not behaving. do you really have to hit her? yeah i do shes being rude to me. i punched him across the face and grabbed Alyssa's arm and ran out to my car with her. once i knew we were safe i introduced myself, i asked her if he always treated her like that she said yeah anything she did set him off she started crying because she realized she had no where to stay that's when i let her live with me and our relationship became better and better" " awe Haz" she said smiling. Alyssa walked back in my hotel room and we both said bye to harmony.

"What were you guys talking about?" she asked happily. " she asked where and how i met the best thing that's ever came into my life" she just blushed and kissed me. " So what do you want to do today?" i asked her since we had a free day. "let's go to the zoo and aquarium today" she said tugging on my arm like a little kid. " you're so cute" i said poking her nose.  


i put on a strapless blue and whit polka dot shirt with white booty shorts. " Someone looks beautiful" harry said looking at me "Awe thanks babe" i  said kissing his cheek. i put my hair into a cute stylish messy side bun and we left for the zoo. when we got there it was insane! Fans were everywhere! Harry tried getting the pictures over with as fast as possible. " Haz look at the baby zebra!" we walked all around the zoo "its so nice just being with you" i said kissing him. " yeah it is" he said smiling. Then we went to the aquarium. "Look at the turtles Harry!" i said pointing to the medium size tank. then we turned the corner and there was a huge tank that filled the wall. i just starred in awe. " have you never been to an aquarium?" harry asked. "Nope Todd never took me neither did my parents." i explained "well i'm glad i took you for your first time" he was the best boyfriend ever.


 Since it was her first time visiting the aquarium i had to make it special. "I'll be right back i have to go to the bathroom. "Alright" she said smiling. i didnt really have to go to the bathroom. I found an employee, " okay m-" "you're Harry Styles" she said in shock " yes i am i need to ask you a big favor" "alright what is it?" she asked. " This is my girlfriends first time going to the aquarium i was wondering if we could go swimming with the dolphins?" i gave her a puppy dog look " I guess so" she said following me to get Alyssa. "whats going on Harry?" she asked. "you're going swimming with the dolphins, well where going swimming with the dolphins" i said. her face lit up "Really??" "Yeah i said kissing her.  Angie took us to get into our wet suits. 


Harry was the best. " Harry look!" i said in awe as the dolphin swan under me. he just laughed. i didn't know he had his water proof camera with him because when i kissed the dolphin i saw a flash. "Harry" i said with a smirk. about two hours later we went back to the hotel to get dried off. " Thank you" i said. " for what?" he asked " for going to Starbucks that one Febuary morning" he kissed me and we cuddled the rest of the day

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