this could be it

When she finds out her only sister is opening for the worlds biggest boy band Harmony's life changes forever, she falls for a certain boy and he falls for her. Is this true love or will somebody get in the way?


1. big news

"Harmony! Get up!" I heard my sister yell from downstairs. "Coming!" I said half asleep, "what do you need?" "Pack your things!" She said happily. "Why?..." I asked hesitantly. " your sister happens to be opening for a certain boy band named One Direction!"she yelled. "Oh my god that's great!" I said hugging her," when do we have to leave?" " in three hours, so hurry up!"I quickly ran upstairs and packed for the tour. We got to the airport and we got on the plane then all the sudden I heard screaming. " and here comes one direction!" I said laughing. One by one Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall walked on the plane. "You must be Jane " Louis asked my sister. "Yeah that's me" she said smiling. Then Niall turned toward me, "who is this beautiful young lady?" "My name is Harmony  I said smiling. " well hello Harmony" he said."hello Niall" i said smiling. "do you want to sit back here with me?" he asked pointing to his seat in the back of the plane. "id love to" i said following him.

    "So tell me about yourself!" he said. " Okay umm well when i was three my family moved here to Dublin,  that's why i have an american accent" i explained. "where were you born?" he asked actually sounding interested. "i was originally born in a small town in Georgia called Perry." "that's so cool!" he said. "I haven't been back though, it sucks" i said. "tell me about you!" i said to Niall.


  "well you know everything about my singing career but my life before it was awesome," i continued " i mean don't get me my wrong my life know couldn't be any better, but i do miss being able to go outside and not get mobbed" i laughed causing her to giggle, she had the cutest giggle ever. " my parents are proud of me to they just miss me a lot!" i said," what about your parents?" i asked. then her face went pale and she looked like she was about cry. "They passed away in a car accident a year ago..." "oh my gosh i'm so sorry" i said giving her a hug. " thank you Niall" she said. About 30 minutes later she feel asleep on my shoulder. " Hey man" harry said. "shh don't wake her" i said. " You like her don't you?" he asked. "shes something special" i replied, looking at her sleep. "Look at Lou and Jane" harry said quietly. i looked over at Jane and Louis and it looked like they hit it off. "hey man i'm tired i'm going to go to sleep." "okay night" he said walking away. before i went to sleep i took a picture of me with Abbey sleeping on me. I put it on Twitter and put the caption as "hopefully the begging of something special Xx" i put my phone back in my pocket and quickly feel asleep.

I woke to me around Niall s arm. i was starting to have feelings for him and i just met him. " Hi sleepy head" i said poking his nose. " Hi" he said smiling. we talked for a while then the pilot came over the speakers and said we were going to land in thirty minutes. " we slept the whole ride?" i asked Niall in shock. " i guess we did" Niall said. i looked over to my sister asleep in Louis' lap. " I got out of my seat and sat in my sister lap. " harmony! What are you doing?" she said half asleep but still laughing. Louis soon woke up and i went back to Niall. the plane landed and we all unloaded. As we were leaving the plane Niall grabbed my hand. " Oh my what will the fans think?" i asked jokingly with Niall. " They already know who you are" he said with a cheeky smile. " how?" i asked suspicious. "umm i kind of took a picture of us when you were asleep" "Niall!!" " and," he continued " i put the caption as hopefully the start of something special" "Niall, they'll hate me know!" I laughed, " wait the start of something special?" i asked smiling making him blush. " you're something special" he said. i just smiled and we walked in the terminal hand in hand. " Stay close to me" he said putting his arm around me. We walked to the main terminal and everyone went crazy! girls everywhere, screaming for the boys attention, crowding. "Niall i cant breathe" i barely said, "i'm so claustrophobic" "you look so pale" he said then everything went black. 


i just saw her fall to the ground. " Harmony!" i yelled. i picked her up. "EVERYONE GET AWAY!" i shouted. the fans backed up scared and left. "What happened?" Jane said running over to us. " She passed out" i said " okay well this has happened before so we just have get to the hotel fast." i told Paul to hurry up and get to the hotel  when we got there i carried her bridal style and laid her on her bed.  put my number in her phone and texted off of it so i could have it. 


i woke to a minor head ache. where did Niall go? i checked my phone and on the screen and it said new text. i unlocked my phone and it showed a text from Niall's a sexy MoFo wow Niall i thought it read : hey love sorry i had to go to an interview but ill be back later tonight Xx. I grabbed the hotel phone and called room service and ordered mac and cheese and cola. while i was eating someone knocked on the door. "who is it?" i called. "Niall" i let him in and kissed his cheek i missed you: i said. " i  missed you too" he said hugging me. "Louis and your sister are dating" Niall said. " that's great" i smiled  i was kind of hurt that Niall didn't ask me to be his girlfriend. was he lading me on? "Harmony?" " yeah?" i asked coming back to reality. "will you go on a date with me?" he asked. " yes" i said kissing him.



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