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First story so no hate ~ hi im Sofia styles well not anymore. See I was given up for adoption by my parents who live in England when I was a baby. When I was moved to the states to be put up for adoption I met people that are basically my family. I have lived here all my life and may seem like this strong girl on the outside but on the inside I am just a girl who has been broken to many times by to many people. What happens when I meet some nice boys who are staying across the street at the hotel for a while. One seems very familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Oh we'll ill find out who they are eventually.


6. Chapter 5

I decided to go to the park and relax for a while. I always kept my guitar under the passenger floorboard. Don't ask me how I got it in there but I I'd woo. And josh doesn't know a thing about it shh. I walked over to a weeping willow tree and crawled under the big leaves. I started to strum the notes on the guitar. I started to sing a song I made up about being given up for adoption. It's a song that just makes me feel better. Besides surfing singing is my only escape. I have a song book uner my bed at the orphanage. I've made dozens of songs. After I finish the song my eyes start to water. Here we go the sensitive Sofia's coming back. Every once in a while I just feel really bad like what did I do or did they just hate me. I woder what my real parents life is like if they have kids of ther own. I sang a couple more songs and got up. I walked back to the car. I didn't feel like putting the guitar back so I just put it in the trunk and drove home. I grabbed my guitar and walked inside. It was almost 6 so everyone was getting ready for dinner. I ran up stairs quickly and put my guitar on my bed and ran back downstairs. I saw bill (the chief or cook or whatever) setting the table I grabbed some plates an helped him. "Sofia thank you" he told me when we were done."no problem ill go get the kids". I said as I headed up stairs. I knocked on the doors one after anouther until the kids came out. Then I ran back downstairs and popped my head in the game room."dinner kids" I said as I walked back to the dinning room. I guess you could say there's a lot of kids here. Including te newest addition Bella there's now 23 of us. 9 nursery kids. 10 preteens to under 15. And then there's me Olivia josh and Kate. Kate likes to keep to herself. Of what I've heard she's had a really bad life. I don't think she's said a word the whole time she's been here. I was about to sit down when Jane called me to talk to her. "Sofia since you just turned 17 last Month you will be 18 soon and legally be able to leave." She started. "And it's your choice if you want me to tell you about your real parents." She finished. "I i don't know". "We'll tell me if you want to know" he said as she walked to her seat. The whole dinner all I could think of was do I won't to know. I always dreamed of finding them but there's always that voice that tells me they never wanted you if you show up now they still won want you, but I just don't know. When dinner was over I walked over to Kate. Se always seemed like she needed to talk to someone. "Hi I'm Sofia" she looked up. Her gold eyes shone I never knew she had that gold of eyes. Her hair was a dirty blonde with a little wave at the ends. "I know who you are I'm Kate" she said quietly. Yes I thought inside my head i got her to speak. "Do you want to go outside and talk?" I asked her with hopefull eyes. Her eyes brightened and she said "yeah I'd like that." We walked out back and later down and stared at the sky. "I know we've never really talked before but I want to be friends I just want you to know that if you need anyone to talk to I'm here for you" I told her. "Ok well I guess I have to tell someone my story. So here it goes when I was around 9 my dad died. My mom was a reck for months. A couple years later she got married again to a guy who I never really liked. About a couple months after he moved in he started getting drunk a lot and would abuise me and my mom. One day I tred to stand up to him and he just totally lashed out on me. He lit a match out of his cigeratte pack and held it up to my side it burned like crap an he just kept doing it until there was a streak of burn marks down my side." She stopped an lifted up her shirt to her ribs and you could see the large streak. I gasped and looked at her with sorry eyes. She continued. "The whole time he did that mom was in the background on te phone calling the police. He saw this to and he grabbed a gun out of the drawer and well he..." She stopped and started to cry. " you don't have to tell me more if you don't want to" I told her. "No I've got to tell you. He killed her and was about to kill me when the police ran in and put him down. I ran to my mom and tried to help. Being only 11 I didn't know what to do. The police carried me out and put me in here since none of my family wanted me. And that's pretty much it ive lived here for 5 years now I think so that's my story." She looked up with tear streaked cheeks. "Come here"I said as I opened up my arms. She just dove into my arms and sobbed into my shoulder. We sat like that for a while until she was all cried out. "Thank you Sofia you have no idea how much I aprichiated (no idea how to spell that) that" "no problem and call me Sof oh and I'm always here for you". I told we as I got up. "I'll see you later Kate I gotta go talk to Jane." I told her. "Ok bye Sof". I walked over to janes office and peeked my head in. "Jane I've made my decision I want to know who my parents are." "Are you positive you want to know" "yes" I said. "Ok they told me to give this to you when you were ready so here you go" she said handing me a letter. I walked back outside and sat on the steps and open it up. It said~ Sofia, if your reading this then your ready to know about us. I am Anne and I am your mother. I am so very sorry about this. But I just couldn't handle anouther kid. I feel horrible about this.lots of love to Sofia styles. From Anne styles.~ under that was a picture if a women holding a baby with a little boy and girl holding on to her leg and a man with his arm around her. So this is my family. I am a styles.(A/N sorry I told you I was going to update a while ago but something came up ill try to update soon. Also if anyone has any ideas of characters they want in the story feel free to comment. Good bye for now. Sarah
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