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First story so no hate ~ hi im Sofia styles well not anymore. See I was given up for adoption by my parents who live in England when I was a baby. When I was moved to the states to be put up for adoption I met people that are basically my family. I have lived here all my life and may seem like this strong girl on the outside but on the inside I am just a girl who has been broken to many times by to many people. What happens when I meet some nice boys who are staying across the street at the hotel for a while. One seems very familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Oh we'll ill find out who they are eventually.


3. Chapter 3

Sofia's POV
When we got back to the place i call home we hurried back inside to Janes office. Jane was a middle age short woman with short black hair with brown eyes. She was like a mother to all the kids who live here. "Hey Jane you called us?" I asked as I walked in and say on the couch in her office. "Yes I need you josh and Olivia to help out with the nursery and Sofia I need you to show our newest addition to her room." We all nodded. "Jane where is she?" I asked. " she is in the living room" Jane answered. I nodded and headed down to the living room where I saw a little girl that was about 6 sitting on the couch looking around nervously. "Hey I'm Sofia" I said as I sat next to her. "Hi I'm Bella" she said. "We'll welcome to your new home Bella". As he stood up you could see her her small body with medium dirty blonde hair with brown eyes. "I think your gonna like it here Bella" I said to her as I led her to her room. "You get the room right next to me" I told her as I opened up the door". "Thank you ma'am" she said "call me Sofia or just Sof". "I'll be down the hall if you need me" I walked back to my room and saw Olivia still wasn't back so I walked to the nursery where I saw her and josh feeding the baby's. "hey guys" i said as I walked in. "Hey Sof were about done you wanna go to the park?" Josh asked. "Sure you mind if I bring Bella she's new and I thought I'd show her the town a bit?" I asked "sure" they both said at the same time. I jogged back to Bella's room and peaked my head in. "Bella you wanna go to the park?" "Ok" she said. I ran backto my room and slipped on some shoes and grabbed the soccer ball. I jogged out to the front yard where I sat down and waited. Bella walked out shortly followed by a very slow Olivia and josh. "Took you guys long anough" I said. We all hopped in Josh's truck well squeezed into. We rode down the rode and pulled up to the giant park. We hopped out and ran to the open field. "Bella your on my team" I said as she giggled. We played for awhile and me and Bella were beating them. We were about to leave when a ball flew and hit Bella in the back of the head. I ran over to her to see if she was ok "I'm fine calm down Sofia" she joked. I helped her up and she hopped on my back. I looked at the group of boys running towards us. There was a boy with striped shirt and red skinny jeans with blue eyes and brown hair. A boy with a black quiff with blonde ends with brown eyes. A boy with a shaved head brown eyes and a plaid shirt. A boy with blue eyes blonde hair and braces. That was the boy at the beach. And last but not least the boy with insanely curly hair and bright green eyes. Again I could of sworn ok new him. "I am so so so sorry" stripes said " I was kicking the ball and I kicked it to far" he said again. "Hey weren't you the one that saved me at the beach?" I think his name was Harry asked "yes that was me" I said smiling. Stripes spoke up and broke the awkward silence and said "again I am really sorry I didn't mean to" "Bella giggled and said its fine" "well I think it's time we head on home" I said. Harry looked disappointed but I just shook it off.

Harry's POV
That was her again. The girl that saved me. I didn't have a crush on her but she just looked so familiar. "Come on guys we need to go to our new place" Louis said. "I thought you didn't have the keys?" Zayne asked" "Paul just called and said he got them come on we gotta go". We all jumped in my Range Rover and drove to the place Paul told us about. We hopped out and saw a pretty big hotel. I heard laughing across the street to see the same group that we saw at the park. The blonde girl was soaking wet and the guy and the other girl were laughing there heads off. It was the girl. Right then I knew I would find out who she was. I will figure out why I think I know her.

(A/N) sorry i haven't updated lately I had to read some super boring book for school and couldn't find time to. Also sorry about the short crappy chapters so far. I'm new at this so if you have any advice I'm all ears. I should update soon since I'm done with that book for school. ~Sarah
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