I thought you forgot

First story so no hate ~ hi im Sofia styles well not anymore. See I was given up for adoption by my parents who live in England when I was a baby. When I was moved to the states to be put up for adoption I met people that are basically my family. I have lived here all my life and may seem like this strong girl on the outside but on the inside I am just a girl who has been broken to many times by to many people. What happens when I meet some nice boys who are staying across the street at the hotel for a while. One seems very familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Oh we'll ill find out who they are eventually.


2. Chapter 2

Sofia's POV
After about a couple hours of surfing with josh and Olivia I saw a boy down on the beach freaking out. I ran down to see a boy with blonde hair and braces that looked a bit older than me. "Are you alright?" I asked. He looked up with frantic eyes "My friends out there and he didn't come back all I know is I turn around and he's flailing his arms around" he said frantically. "Ok hold on ill get your friend". I ran back grabbed my surf board and ran back and swam to where he was pointing. I kept swimming until I saw a boy drowning. I swam to him pulled him up on the board and swam to shore. I flipped him over and felt something that was odd I felt like I knew him. He was coughing up water and his eyes where still closed even though his hair was soaked you could still see the massive curls showing up. I got up and his friend started thanking me a lot. "It's fine" I replied for about the billionth time. The boy finally stopped coughing and started to get up. When he got up and opened his eyes. I saw bright green eyes. I know I've seen them somewhere but I can't think of where. "Thanks for saving me I'm Harry" he said. "Don't mention it and I'm .." I started but Josh and Olivia came running up before I could finish. "What happened here?" Olivia asked. "I'm not exactly sure myself" I said. "We'll Jane called and we have to get back home" josh said. "K bye guys" I yelled as I ran off.

Harry's POV
woo have you ever had that feeling you know someone without even seeing the before. I am having that feeling right now. I never even got her name yet I feel as though I've known her all my life. "Harry did you hear me" Niall said waving his hands in front of my face. "Huh no what'd you say?" I asked. Niall laughed and said " I said I was hungry and I think that's enough swimming for today" he said still laughing. I will find out her name.
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