Take Me Home

A young blonde/brown eyed girl by the name of Cassie was sent off to boarding school at the age of 10. 8 years later, she graduates and is about to move to Ireland with her aunt when something might keep her in London.


1. New Year

Cassie's POV

My friends kept begging me to go out with them on New Years to celebrate but i just wanted to stay home. I wanted to have fun I just didn't like going out all the time. I've always been the kinda girl that keeps to herself. 

"Come on Cassie! It'll be fun! We're going to the Funky Booda! The funnest club in London! Oh just come...there will be plenty of guys there." 

That was my best friend Emily. I've known her since I was born. We lived in the same neighborhood when we lived in America. Our parents thought it would be best if we came here together. At first our parents practically lived here with us...but with time they visited less and less. We haven't seen them in 3 years now. 

"What do you say?" my other roommate Allison asked me. 

"Fine...but when i say it's time to go we're leaving okay?"

"Okay!" they both said.

And with that, we put on out jackets and left. The second we walked in the doors it was like we got hit with a burst of energy. Emily and Allison walked me over to the bar and got me a shot.

"What do we toast to?" asked Allison. A buff tall man about our age stepped in.

"To sidney crosbeys health, princess diana, and dead babies!" We all took a shot than Emily asked him his name.

"Nate...I go to the public school around the corner." He said.

"Oh! That's nice. I've got a couple friends there." She said which I knew was a lie but she had told me that lies attract men...even when they don't know it was a lie. I guess just another odd form of picking up guys for her. Allison soon left me too to go dance with some of her more popular friends. I didn't care though, i told her she could go. I hated this I just wanted to be sitting at home right now in the peace and quiet. I turned around and handed the bar tender who was obviously under-aged my money and asked for the drinks. After a couple rounds, a nice man offered me more drinks.

Harry's POV

I saw this beautiful girl when i got to the club but lost her in the crowd. Eventually, I saw her again from across the room. She was standing (barely) at the bar with a bunch of other men standing around her. One of them kept buying her drinks and I could tell she had too much. Next thing I knew she fell on the floor and the men started laughing. He started pulling her skirt up until I ran over and punched him in the face. 

"Leave her alone!" 

"And what are you gonna do if I don't?" I didn't say anything back i just looked at him for a minute. I decided just to leave I picked up the girl and carried her into my car. I looked in her purse and saw where her flat was so I drove her home. Once I walked her into the door she was slightly conscious  again. I carried her to the bathroom just in time before she puked. I held her hair back few her. Even though it was disgusting I still thought she was pretty. I didn't want to leave her alone while she was still sick so i stayed there with her all night. Around 3am she woke up again still stumbling, but I think it was just because she was feeling sick. I sat up and walked over to her, which was probably a bad idea. 

"Who are you?!" She yelled.

"My name is Harry, I brought you home because you past out at the club."

She gave me a questioning look then said "I think I'm gonna be sick"while she was running to the bathroom. I sat down on the side of her bed and heard her brush her teeth. When she walked in she sat next to me. 

"What was your name again?" She asked.

"Harry." I said putting out my hand. She took it and said "Cassie, and thanks Harry. Now why was I past out on the floor again?"


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