Take Me Home

A young blonde/brown eyed girl by the name of Cassie was sent off to boarding school at the age of 10. 8 years later, she graduates and is about to move to Ireland with her aunt when something might keep her in London.


5. Gemma

Harry's POV

I rushed home and ran inside to Gemma.
"Harry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"
I was so scared when I heard her yelling from my bathroom.
"Gemma let me in!"
She opened the door and all I saw was blood running down her arm.
"What happened!?"
"I tripped and the glass table cut my arm all the way up. I'm so sorry I didn't mean to break it!" She said starting to get tears in her eyes.
"Gem it's okay but we need to clean out this cut. It might sting okay?"
I poured cleaning alcohol onto a towel and pressed it on the cut. Gemma squeezed my shoulder in pain and I felt so bad.
"I'm sorry!"
"It's okay, Harry!"
She sat down on the showe ledge while I wrapped her arm in a bandage wrap.
"Any better?"
"Yeah the sting is gone...I'm sorry I made you come home from your date.."
"It's alright gem." I said hugging her.
I couldn't stop thinking about Cassie though. I felt bad for just dropping her off and leaving like that but I know she understood I had to go. As I was laying in bed I kept thinking about when she looked into my eyes. Her eyes were so big and sparkling and beautiful! She was beautiful! Her had fit in mine perfectly. I was so happy when I was with her. I had a small depression issue when I was younger but it hasn't been so bad lately. I always felt alone even when my family was there to comfort me. Latley, I haven't felt alone at all.

Cassie's POV

I dreamt about our date that night. It was perfect in real life but in my dream he didn't leave me. He kissed me on the bridge and than he walked me to my front door and came in for a cup of tea. I felt bad for his sister but I wish he could have stayed. It didn't matter now though, well be together again soon...I hope. I had legit feelings for him and that kinda scared me. I've neer been in a real relationship. I've had "boyfriends" before but we didn't ever hang out and it was a couple weeks at most. I never had an interest in dating but now I do. I couldn't wait to go out with Harry again.
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