Take Me Home

A young blonde/brown eyed girl by the name of Cassie was sent off to boarding school at the age of 10. 8 years later, she graduates and is about to move to Ireland with her aunt when something might keep her in London.


3. Curious

Cassies POV
Okay I finally got the guts to do it. After pacing around my room with Allison and Emily Laing on my bed for an hour I picked up my phone and called Harry. The girls layed there starring at me as it rang. Oh crap it was him. His voice was so familiar and sweet I can't believe I spent a whole night with him and can't remember it!
"Hi, Harry?"
"Yeah who's this?"
"It's Cassie..."
"Oh hello love! How are you feelin?"
"A lot better, thanks" I said giggling. So far so good I suppose.
Harry's POV
I was walking home from working when Cassie called me. She sounded so sweet and innocent when she wasn't...sick. She asked if I wanted to meet up for lunch later and I'm not going to lie I was happy she called. I told her I'd pick her up in 2 hours and we'd go to a café not too far from her house. I quickly ran home and saw my sister Gemma sitting in my flat.
"What are you doing here?" I asked her.
"Mum and I were fighting again..." She said pouting. My mum and Gemma haven't been getting along lately so I told her she is welcome to stay with me for a night but why did it have to be tonight!? I sat next to her and hugged her while she cried on my shoulder.
"It's alright Gem...you won't be fighting forever!"
"Thanks Harry but I just want a break from her. She never caught with you she treats you like an angel!"
I felt so bad for her but what about Cassie? I was going to invite her over for a bit! Oh well, that will have to wait I suppose.
"I'm sorry Gemma, I am. Do you want me to stay here tonight?"
"No...you don't have to if you have plans I just want to stay away from mum for a little."
"Alright good cause I've got a date soon!" I said kissing her forehead and quickly getting changed. I walked out of my bedroom and smiled at my sister.
"You're wearing that on a date?" She said.
"What's wrong with it?!"
"Oh gosh Harry!" She said walking into my closet. She pulled out a nice pair of jeans and a plaid shit. I put it on and let her fix my hair before I grabbed my wallet and went out the door.
Cassie's POV
I was so nervous about meeting him. I have no idea what he's seen and I knew whatever happened it couldn't have been good. I probably embarrassed myself as always. Emily helped me get ready while Allison blasted music and kept us company. Emily dressed me in a cute casual dress and a short leather jacket. She lightly curled my hair and put on my make-up. Allison approved of everything before I put it on of corse. I grabbed my small purse and smiled at the girls as the doorbell rang.
"It's him!" I said smiling.
"Go get 'im!" Said Allison. Emily smiled at me and I walked to the door.
"Hi Harry"
"H-hi Cassie" he said.
"Yeah common" he said letting me walk out the door before him.
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