Take Me Home

A young blonde/brown eyed girl by the name of Cassie was sent off to boarding school at the age of 10. 8 years later, she graduates and is about to move to Ireland with her aunt when something might keep her in London.


4. Another "first"

Harry's POV
Cassie looked so beautiful. Even better than last time...obviously. When we sat down in out seats a waiter came over and got us our drinks. She got the same thing as me which I thought was cute.
"So Harry...tell me about yourself." She said smiling.
"Well...I'm graduating this year and for now I work in a bakery! Nothing too impressive."
"Oh cool. I'm graduating this year too. I work as a secretary at the office down the road."
"Well we've got a lot in common now don't we?" I said laughing.
"I suppose we do!" She said smiling.
"What do you like to do when you're off work and school?"
"Well normally I'd just sit in my house and relax. But next break I want to visit my family in America."
"Oh I was wondering why your accent was so faint...and Cassie, what an American name!"
"Haha yeah my parents are quite original, aren't they?...Cassie Brown. Probably the most common name in America!"
"I like it though! It's a classic...very cute" oh gosh I can't believe I just said that.
She must not have minded too much since she just sat there giggling.
"So Harry...you plan on working at a bakery all your life?"
"Corse not! Well I plan on taking up a singing Career...I'm not sure I'm good enough though."
"Maybe you could sing for me sometime?" How could I say no to her? I was wrapped around her finger and I don't even care!
"Sure...as soon as I know I'm good enough for you.." I said smiling.
She giggled and look right into my eyes, making me shiver. She had the prettiest brown eyes that had a hint of orange-ish-red color to them. After we ate I took her outside to walk along the shops. It was so beautiful outside. There was snow on the ground but it didn't seen too cold. I slipped my hand into hers and smiled at her as we walked along. We stopped on a bridge and looked out at the water. I joked with her and told her what happened to her and why I took her home.
"Well in that case...thank you Harry. How polite of you.." She said to me looking in my eyes.
"It was the least I could do for a beautiful girl like you..." I wanted to kiss her so badly and I think she felt the same because I leaned in and felt her warm breath getting close to me when my phone rang. I jumped back and looked; it was Gemma!
"I'm so sorry but I've got to get home to my sister. She's staying at my flat tonight and I need to get home."
Cassie's POV
Harry seemed like a great older brother and I could understand why he needed to go. He dropped me off at my house and hurried home. It was a great night and he was just so great. Everything was just so...great! It was one of the happiest moments of my life.
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