Mind Of The Abyss

Maddy was looking forward to her first white christmas in London. Her mother came to spend the holiday with her old childhood friends and Maddy tagged along. After a fatal accident, she survived only by sheer luck. Now she's trapped inside the black abyss that has become her mind, a prisoner inside an empty shell. Can her new friends shed some light into her mind, pulling the real her out of the dark.


6. Room Full of Smoke

Liam P.O.V

It has been 2 hours after we finished watching the movie and being the gentleman that I am, I let her choose the movie. I thought that she would choose something like ‘The Notebook’ but I got that completely wrong. Instead she chose Toy Story 3, as it turns out we have a few things in common. Now we were just asking each other questions about our lives while my dad is in the kitchen trying to make dinner. He has never been a good cook so I think that this will end badly. But I am hoping nothing bad happens so I can keep talking to Maddy.


Me: Where in Australia do you live?

Maddy: I am from Ulmarra, NSW. Which is about 10-15 minutes away from Grafton. What’s it like travelling the world?

Me: Spectacular. Do you plan to go to Uni?

Maddy: Yes, I start next year and I will be studying hospitality. Do you want your house to burn down?

Me: No. Why?

Maddy: Cause you had better get your dad out of the kitchen.


OH SHIT! I look toward the door that leads into the kitchen, there is a big dark cloud of smoke coming out of it.


Me: Shit!


I jump up and race into the kitchen with Maddy close behind. I can barely see a thing as we enter he room. I somehow manage to locate the windows and door. I open them to allow the smoke a way out. Then I raced over to help my father, he handed me a tea towel and together we tried to fan the smoke out. It worked but very slowly, it would take us forever at this rate.


As I helped my father I looked back towards the door that Maddy and I entered but she wasn’t there. I swear that was where I had last seen her, I looked around the kitchen but she wasn’t there either. Where did she go?


My question was soon answered when Maddy came back to the still smoke filled kitchen. In her arms was a small fan. I watched as she walked over to the wall and plugged it in. Once the fan was ready to go, she turned it on and in no time at all, all of the smoke was gone. Once she was sure that there was no smoke left she turned the fan off and unplugged it from the power point. I walked over to her and placed my tea towel on the bench closest to her.


I looked back at her and she had a smug look on her face. We both knew that now it was my turn to thank her.


Maddy P.O.V

I stood there watching with a smug look on my face as Liam walked closer to me. He was now standing in front of me. I watched as he put the tea towel down before he brought his eyes up to meet mine. I watched as a smile grew across his face, now it was his turn to thank me. I knew it and so did he.


Liam:  I guess it’s my turn to say thanks

Me: I guess it is.

Liam: Well, Thank you

Me: Your welcome, and now we’re even

Liam: Even?

Me: Yep


I picked up the fan and walked out of the kitchen. Liam followed me all the way to the cupboard at the bottom of the stairs. Since my hands were full, Liam opened the door for me. I placed the fan back on its shelf and closed the door behind me.  I turned around and was inches away from Liam.


Most fans would try to kiss him, and believe me up til now I would have considered it. But now that I think we are becoming friends plus he might think that I am crazy. And it would be awkward considering that I have to stay in his house for a couple of weeks. I don’t want to ruin anything. The way things are now my life is totally perfect. Anyway back to reality.


Liam: I saved your life and you got rid of some smoke how is that even?

Me: Cause I stopped your house from burning down. And if that happened your mom probs would have killed you and your dad when she got back.


And with that I slipped past him and headed straight to the kitchen. I was going to kick Liam’s dad out of there and surprise them with a decent edible meal when our moms get back. There is still a lot that Liam doesn’t know about me and I am not going to reveal all of it at once.


A/N - hey everyone, what do you think of this chapter. I actually loved writing this one. Liam's dad almost burning down the whole house. hahaha. I dont know if his dad is a good cook or not so i am just going to say that he isnt. Part of my reasons behind that will be revealed later. A lot more will be revealed later. Do you guys think that Maddy's life could get any better? The answer is yes, and it will get better before it gets worse. Much, MUCH Worse.


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Maddy xxx :)

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