Mind Of The Abyss

Maddy was looking forward to her first white christmas in London. Her mother came to spend the holiday with her old childhood friends and Maddy tagged along. After a fatal accident, she survived only by sheer luck. Now she's trapped inside the black abyss that has become her mind, a prisoner inside an empty shell. Can her new friends shed some light into her mind, pulling the real her out of the dark.


5. In Front of a Fire

Maddy P.O.V

Liam took me to the living room and sat me down on the couch in front of the fire. I was thankful for the warmth. I closed my eyes, grateful that I was out of the snow. When I opened my eyes Liam was gone. I turned my head to the door and saw him come back with an armful of thick blankets. I watched him as he walked over to me and placed the blankets down. He started to unfold them and wrap them around me so carefully, like I was something so delicate. If he knew me, then he would know that I am anything but delicate.


When he finished I snuggled down inside my cocoon of blankets I should be warm again in no time. He started speaking, his deep, soothing voice calming what little anxiety that I had left inside me.


Liam: Stay here; I’ll go get you some hot cocoa.


I just nodded at him; he got up and walked into the kitchen, his eyes never leaving mine until he was out of sight. I wonder what my mother would say when she sees me like this. Wait, where is my mother? She was in this room earlier; I started to look around searching for clues without leaving the warmth of the couch. I had scanned the room twice before I saw a piece of paper on the coffee table. It wasn’t too far away, I could easily reach it.


I managed to free my arms from the blankets and slowly reached over and picked up the paper. Once I was safely leaning against the back of the couch I read the note. I didn’t recognise the hand writing so it must be Karen’s.


I have gone to show Stacey around the town. We will be back in time for dinner. XX Karen


I let out a sign of relief, my mother would flip if she saw me like this, cold and blue. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone standing next to me. I looked up and saw Liam standing there with two mugs of hot cocoa. I placed the note back on the coffee table and smiled as he sat down beside me on the couch.


He offered me the hot cocoa, and I accepted it with a smile. I brought the mug up to my mouth and took a small sip. I was grateful as the hot liquid slid down my throat and into my stomach, warming me from the inside out. I held the mug close to my chest, so I could absorb the excess heat that was radiating from the mug.


Liam P.O.V

I watched as she just sat there clutching the mug close to her chest, taking in the warmth of the cocoa. I took a drink from my own mug. I placed my mug on the coffee table and my eyes met her’s for only a second before she looked down.


Girl: Thank you


She was so quiet, I almost missed it.


Me: What for?


She lifted her head to look at me, this time our eyes met but she didn’t break away like before. I noticed that her eyes were a beautiful blue with what looks like hints of green washed through them.


Girl: Everything. Getting me out of the snow, bringing me to the fire, the hot chocolate.

Me: Well, I am not the type to leave a girl to die.

Girl: Please, a little bit of snow is the least of my worries.


She takes another sip of her drink, after that it was silence. Not the awkward kind but a comfortable one. I wanted to know a more about this girl for example, her name.


Me: We haven’t been properly introduced, have we?

Girl: I guess we haven’t


I see a small smile spread across her lips. Colour was returning to her face, she was still a bit blue though. But I could tell that she was quite fit.


Me: I’m Liam

Girl: I’m Maddy


I held my hand out for her to shake and she took it in hers. Together our hands went up and down once before we let go.




I heard a phone go off, so I checked mine. Nothing. Hmm, so where did that come from.  I look over at Maddy and see that she had her phone in her hand. It just so happened to be an iPhone and the back was covered in pink, purple and blue sequins. It also said ‘Keep calm and Sparkle’, I think it is actually pretty cool.




Another one. WOW, whoever she is texting is really fast. I see her smile and shake her head. Now I really had to find out who she was texting.


Me: Who was that?

Maddy: Sophie, she’s my best friend.


I nod my head. I really wanted to know more about Maddy. Someday I hope that we could be friends.


Me: How old are you?

Maddy: 19, you?

Me: If you’re a fan then shouldn’t you know that?

Maddy: It called being polite.

Me: Okay, I’m 19 as well.


I reach over and grab my mug of hot chocolate. I drank about half of it before she spoke.


Maddy: Hey Liam

Me: Yes Maddy

Maddy: Do you want to watch a movie?

Me: I would love too


I watch as a smile enters her face, she seemed much happier so I smiled back hoping it will keep her happy. I think she and I will be good friends.


A/N - Hey everyone. Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas, and i wish you all good luck for the new year. Cant believe that tomorrow is the last day of 2012. Anyway, sorry for not updating sooner but i have been really busy and havent had time to write. Fortunately the next chapter should be up soon, i have almost finished the next chapter. I hope you all like the story so far. Please Like, Comment and Favourite this story and the other stories that have been written by me and my best friend Sophie (who i share this account with, her stories are labelled "The writer of this story is Sophie"). BTW, if any of you guys have any questions or suggestions about/for this story i would love to hear it.

Love you all, and a Happy New Year for tomorrow.

Maddy xxx :)

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