Mind Of The Abyss

Maddy was looking forward to her first white christmas in London. Her mother came to spend the holiday with her old childhood friends and Maddy tagged along. After a fatal accident, she survived only by sheer luck. Now she's trapped inside the black abyss that has become her mind, a prisoner inside an empty shell. Can her new friends shed some light into her mind, pulling the real her out of the dark.


2. Frustration

Maddy P.O.V

The plane touched the ground causing me to wake and jump in my seat. I realised that I still had my earphones in, so I took them out before putting my IPod away in my bag. I looked out the window and saw solid ground beneath my seat, and best of all there was snow on the ground. Actual snow! All my life I have dreamed of seeing snow and having a white Christmas and now is am about to go outside in the snow. Wait I’m not dressed for snow, I’m only wearing a dark pink singlet, black-sleeveless-see through top, jeans and black flats. If I go out there I will freeze, I should’ve listened to my mother and chose a warmer outfit. I am so busy looking at the snow that I don’t realise my mother has stood up and is waiting for me. Just so you know my mother’s name is Stacy.


Stacy: C’mon Maddy, time to go


I look away from the window and up into my mother’s amused face. She must think I look like a little kid that just discovered something amazing. And honestly, that is how I felt.


Me: Okay mom.


I stand up and follow my mother off the plane. We walk out onto the pathway that has been cleared of snow. To my surprise, it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. Although that will probably change later on. I follow my mother to collect our luggage, before walking out of terminal 6. We round a corner, and I have never seen so many people in my life, literally this place is packed with people. My mother walks over to a lady who looks like she is waiting for someone. The lady gives my mother a hug, so she must be my mother's friend that she wanted to visit. I slowly walked over to the two ladies who seemed to be talking. The lady noticed me walking towards them. She smiled sweetly at me.


Lady: This must be Maddy

Stacey: Yes, Maddy this is Karen. My friend from school.

Karen: My, how you have grown. Last time I saw you, you were only a little baby. How old are you now?

Me: 19

Karen: I have a feeling that you will get along well with my son, Liam

Stacey: How is Liam by the way?

Karen: Great, I was on the phone to him a few hours ago. He should be home later today.

Stacey: Wonderful. It’ll be great to see him again after so long.

Karen: So let’s get going


Karen led us out of the airport and to her car. We got in and drove to her home. The whole ride my mother and Karen were talking about what has happened in their lives since they last saw each other. I zoned out when my mother started talking about the divorce so instead I looked out of the window. Everything was covered in snow, it was so beautiful. You may think that I’m over reacting and I am but snow is so pretty, the only time that I’ve ever come close to snow is when there was a hail storm and the ice on the ground looked like snow. (A/N - true, that is the closest I have ever come to snow) we started to drive down a small quiet neighbourhood, there were children running and playing in the snow, building snowmen and having a snow ball fight. I couldn’t help but laugh at them. Karen pulled the car to a stop outside a beautiful two story house, I guess this is where she lives and where we will be staying for a couple of weeks.


We got out of the car and Karen unlocked the front door before mum followed her inside. I started to make my way over when I slipped on a slippery part of the path. I tried to stay upright but in the end I fell over sideways and landed butt first in a pile of snow.  I managed to get most of the snow out of my hair all the while I couldn’t stop laughing, at least there weren’t any cute guys there to see me fall. Carefully this time, I got back on my feet and somehow managed to get inside. I had lost sight of mum and Karen, oh well. I could hear laughing coming from down the hall. I followed the sound of laughter and found mum and Karen sitting in the living room in front of a fire place. I loved fire place, my uncle used to have one and whenever we were at his house I would sit close to it and soak up the heat. I must admit, it is one of my favourite things to do when it is cold. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Karen laughing. I wonder what she was laughing at.


Karen: Maddy!

Me: Yes, Karen


Mum stated to speak to me and a disappointed tone. I wonder what I did this time. It seems that I am always disappointing her, for example when I decided to take a gap year instead of going straight to university, like she wanted.


Stacey: How many times do I have to tell you, you should never address an adult by their first name, unless you’re an adult.

Me: But mum, I am an adult!

Stacey: No your not, your still a teenager. And until you reach 21 you will address an adult with respect


I looked down at my feet, I did not want to look at her disappointed face, I always hate it when I let her down. My whole live, I’ve had to be perfect. Get good grades, not get into trouble, go to a fantastic school, have decent friends. Why can’t she see that everything in my life is perfect the way it is except when she is disappointed. Karen started speaking again, but I still couldn’t bring my head back up to face them.


Karen: It’s alright Stacey. She can call me Karen if she wants.

Stacey: That is very kind of you Karen but I raised my girl to be polite and a well behaved lady

Karen: I can see that

Stacey: Maddy!

Me: Yes mum?

Stacey: What do you say to Karen?

Me: Thank you Mrs Payne

Karen: It’s alright sweetie and you have snow in your hair.


My hand instantly went up to the top of my head and when I brought it back down there was snow stuck on my hand. I guess I didn’t get it all out. I could feel my smile coming back.


Karen: I guess you would like to know where you would be sleeping!

Me: Yes please Mrs Payne

Karen: The bedrooms are upstairs, you will be sleeping in Nicole’s room.

Me: Thankyou Mrs Payne

Karen: Welcome dear


I turn to leave the room when my mother and Karen start to talking about Geoff/Mr Payne. I didn’t hear anything else because I was already walking up the stairs. Sadly I had to carry all of my heavy suitcases up the stairs by myself. I know that I am a girl but even I think that the amount of luggage I had was crazy, I had three suitcases and a smaller overnight bag plus my handbag and little backpack. While my mother had one MASSIVE suitcase. Eventually I got them all up the stairs, I grabbed all my bags and walked to the first door on the left and opened it. Inside was the master bedroom which I am guessing is where Karen and Goeff sleep, I closed the door and moved onto the one on to the next door down the line. As I did with the first one, I opened the door and looked inside. This one I am guessing is the guest room which is where my mother will be sleeping. I closed the door and moved on, third time lucky. I opened that door and I think this room belongs to Liam hence the small pile of clothes on the floor, plus it smelled like a guy’s room would smell, kind of stinks. I guessed it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, I don’t think he will mind if I clean it up a little. I close that door and moved on. This time I was starting to get frustrated, where was Nicole’s room. I quickly opened the fourth door, it was a massive bathroom. I whisper-shouted to myself so my mother couldn’t hear me.




I almost slammed the door on my way out and started to go back up the way I came but looking in the doors on the other side. The first one said RUTH on the door, so I am guessing that is not Nicole’s room. Two more doors to go. The next one was kind of small but I opened it anyway, it was a linen closet. I closed that door and barged into the last one, which I had now worked out was Nicole’s. I can’t believe that I had just gone all the way to the end of the corridor looking for this room when as it turned out was the first on the right. And to top things off, her room was pink and I do not like the colour pink. I let out a sigh of frustration and pulled my luggage into her room and sat down on the end of her bed. Yep, I think that these next few weeks are going to be full of surprises even though I may not like some of these surprises.

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