Mind Of The Abyss

Maddy was looking forward to her first white christmas in London. Her mother came to spend the holiday with her old childhood friends and Maddy tagged along. After a fatal accident, she survived only by sheer luck. Now she's trapped inside the black abyss that has become her mind, a prisoner inside an empty shell. Can her new friends shed some light into her mind, pulling the real her out of the dark.


7. Evening Meal

Karen P.O.V

I pulled the car to a stop outside the house. Stacey and I both got out and entered the house. As soon as I had opened the front door, I could smell something wonderful coming from the kitchen. Now Geoff couldn’t cook, and Liam, he could be capable of it but I wasn’t too sure. I looked over at Stacey who could also smell it, unlike me she didn’t have a smile on her face and she didn’t seem confused. I closed the door behind me before together Stacey and I entered the dining room. Oh My God…….It is beautiful!



The table looked nothing like it usually does; it is usually plain and bare, with nothing clattering the space.  Now it looks fancy, a beautiful table runner and matching placemats. I could feel tears’ forming in my eyes, this part of my home has not looked this good in years. I also noticed that the good china was set out. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I felt a pair of arms slide around my waist. I turned my head and saw Geoff behind, looking at me in amusement.


Geoff: Hello dear


I was still speechless, I could barely get the words out.


Me: D..Did you d…do this?

Geoff: Not me dear


At that moment Liam walked in and took a seat at the table. He didn’t even acknowledge that I was there, it was like he was hyptonised by the aroma. If I wasn’t speechless and in shock, I probably would’ve been as well. Geoff took my hand and led me over to the opposite side of the table that Liam was on. I sat down in the middle with Geoff on my right and Stacey joined us on my right. My baby boy was straight across from me and then it hit me. Maddy was missing. I wonder where that girls is? I was about to voice my concern when she appeared pushing a serving trolley with 5 plates on it.


Oh My Gosh, it was Maddy, who did all this. I wonder what she made for us. She looked very pleased with herself. We all looked at her as she stopped at the end of the table. She then started to address us in a sing-song voice that you would normally expect from little girls. It is adorable when little kids do it and for some reason it was absolutely adorable when she did it also.


Maddy: Ta da!

Geoff: It looks delicious. What is it?

Maddy: Tonight I have prepared for you, Genovese-style Tagliatelle


She put a plate in front of each of us, and I must say, it really did look delicious.  She sat down next to Liam and we ate every last bit of it. Later Liam helped Maddy serve dessert, we devoured that too. While we ate we were all having our own conversations, talking, laughing and having fun together. I looked over at Liam and Maddy, to me they seemed to be getting quite close. I just hope that she will be able to repair his heart after what happened with Danielle.


Geoff was doing the dishes, while Stacey and I were having a drink. The other two had left for bed a few minutes ago. They needed their sleep, today was a big day for both of them and tomorrow will be another.


A/N - Sorry this Chapter was so short, i'll try to make the next one longer. Sorry that this one day was so long, I'll try and make it shorter. If anyone wants the recipe for what they ate for dinner, here it is: Tagliatelle, Genovese-Style, Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals. http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/pasta-recipes/tagliatellegenovese-style

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