Five Boys One Girl

Rose Pring, a sixteen year old girl is lucky enough to have one direction in her life! She's had it for a while so it's normal for her now, and she's had a long time romance with Zayn. But the other boys start moving in on her. And She Lets Them!


1. Zayn Makes His Move

"Hey Zayn" I said to Zayn as he first came over. "Want to come over to my place?" He Asked me with his sexy seductive voice. "Definitely!" I winked at him. So we got in his car and drove to his place. When we got there he told me no one was home. I knew what that meant, and I was ready. We ran to his room and he locked the door. I layed on the bedd inviting him there with a little wave of my hand. He sucked in, smile sexy and crawled onto me. Immeditaly he put his hands on my shirt and pulled it off over my head. I tore his shirt off and pulled him close. I kissed him softly at first, then it became more passionate and harder. Next thing you know we're sucking on eachother. Everywhere on his body. Everywhere on my body. I start moving along his body kiss and sucking. Then I'm sucking his dick. I give him a huge bj. He groans in pleasure and starts moving his hips in rithim with my sucking. Then I pull back and I roll us back around so he's back on top of me. He starts moving along my body and starts sucking my crotch. "Shit!" I shout in pleasure. I'm soo enjoying this. It's amazing. I love how Zayn just takes control. We keep fooling around for another hour. When we finally stop, my hair and make-up is messed up and I'm breathing hard. "That was amazing" He tells me. "I know, we should do it a lot" I say seductively. "I'll be you're slut. And I'll ride your dick a lot" I say, getting into a whole slut thing. "haha I hope you do" he responds. Days passed since our sex scene and I'm walking home with Liam. We're good friends. Though I know he has a crush on me. A MAJOR one. And he's very jealous of Zayn. I mean, I understand it. Who wouldn't like me? All the boys in one direction do. They've all admitted it to me, but Zayn's the only lucky one. We walk past this Ally when Liam's phone starts ringing. He walks into the ally to get some quiet and I follow him. He finishes his phone call and apologizes to me. "No problem" I say. He shifts closer to me and closer and closer, when finally his chest is pressed against my boobs. I know I should walk away at that point but I feel so horny. So I just go with it. Oh and Zayn is In Africa For Another Month helping children. I can't help but be angry 'cause he won't be able to please me. If you know what I mean. So Liam leans down and kisses me. Hard. He pushes me against a wall and starts sucking on my neck. I groan and whisper more more more. SO he keeps coming on. Next thing you know my panties are off and we're both naked having sex in an ally. I decide to break up with Zayn and go with Liam. I mean, Liam is here to please me is he not? "I want you. Not Zayn" I say to him simply. he smiles and says "I knew you'd change you're mind sexy" Then I say something "Shove your dick into my crotch." "But, what if we make a baby?" I open my purse and grab out two condoms. One for him and one for me. We put them on, and he shoves his dick far into my crotch. I lean down and lick it and push it in farther. Five days have passed since that sex scene and I've had sex with Louis and Harry. After Louis I decided to have sex with all the boys of one direction. Just Niall left! I walk over to Niall's door and knock. He opens up. "Are you home alone???" I demand. "Yeah, why?" he asks. I walk in, slam the door, lock it, and strip. I strip him after and immeditaly get under him. I suck his dick. Like I did with all the other boys. And we have sex. For years I make out with these boys. Until they find out and I decide I'll just keep having sex with everyone. They agreed of course. And we lived happily, sexily after. BOOK TWO COMING OUT SOON. KEEP LOOKING IF YOU ENJOY SEX LIKE THIS! IT'LL ONLY GET BETTER Lol

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