A Night to Remember (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Laurie never expected to meet her idols at a club in London. Will Laurie and a member of One Direction fall in love or will her boyfriend get in her way? What about a love triangle... maybe
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6. Truth or Dare

Ashley's POV

Ahhhhh!! What a great day at Nandos!! Normally work is terrible but I saw Harry! I hope he'll text me soon!!! WHat a coincedence! Bleep!

From Unknown Number:

Hey Ash! Its Harry!!!! :) What 2 do something l8er?

Save number.

To Hazza! :P :

Sure! What do u have in mind?

I really want to see Breaking Dawn Part 2, but it's such a chick-flick. But I guess anything with him will be extraordinharry (see what I did there :P)

From Hazza! :P :

A movie. Breaking Dawn Part 2? I'll pik u up at 2!!

OMG He read my mind!!!! Harry is so amazayn!!!!!

To Hazza! :P :

Perfect!! C u then!!! <3 xoxoxo

I added in the heart and xoxoxo to show him that I want more than just a friendship. I hope he gets that!!!! I looked at the clock CRAP! its already 12:30!!!!! Time for a quick shower Bleep!

From Hazza! :P :

Btw wear something pretty!! <3 xoxoxoxo

THANK YOU HARRY!!!!! He got it!!!!! YES this night will be rememberable!! NOW shower time!!! As i ran shampoo threw my hair I wondred what Laurie was up. She wasn't home when I got here. Maybe she went out with Niall cause he wasn't at Nandos wiht the lads to my surprize. Whatever she didn't call me or anything.

I stepped out fo the shower and opened my closet door. lets see soemthing pretty. What is pretty to Harry well go big or go home! I yanked out of strapless and think striped aqua, purple, silver, and pink sparkley dress. It was beautiful. The dress was super low cut in the front (It showed my breats off nicely) and tight and short. Amazayn!! The complient my dress I was wearing silver earings, necklace, and bracelet to match silver silettos. I glaced at the clock: 1:30

He'll be here soon.. hair what to do wiht my curly hair. I decided to quickly straighten it. Before The curling of my hair began... Ring!! RING!!! RING!!!!!!!! Uggggg.. My cell. I'll get it later I have no time to spare. Finally I finished my hair and as if on cew DING DONG!!! He's here I rushed down the stairs and plobbed my phone into a silver clutch. The door was opened to Harry who was wearing a tux. Harry starred at me wide eyed in aww "Hey! Stop your starring and lets go!" He turned tomatoe red and smiled with dimples showing. awwww Harry "Sorry. After you" We linked arms and started towards the car "Oh and you look beautiful today."

It was my turned to turn red now. Harry opened the passager door for me and then headed to his door in the Audi A6. What a gentelman, I don't think my last boy friend did this on our dates. He started the car and began to drive, but not to the theather. "Ummm Harry, you're going the wrong way." Ya this way not the right way "I know, we're not going to the theather yet the movie's at 3:30. SO i'm taking you back to my flat where we can hang out until the movie. Is thta alright?" A guy is asking my opinion i could get used to this!!! "Yea thats great!" I talked about our selves all the way to his flat.

"And this is where I live." He pulled into the parking garage. He was on the 12 floor the penthouse suite yes! Harry opened the door the screaming and someone yelling, "Harrrryyyyy you're homeeee."  someone sang to him. Harry lended over at me and whispered, "Sorry about this Ashley. I'll handle them." Awwww he's so sweet!! I nodded. Harry shouted to them, "BOYS CALM DOWN!!!!! WE HAVE A GUEST!!! DON'T SCARE HER!!!!!!" Immediatly they all hushed up. The one wearing a plaid shirt spoke up, "I'm sorry Louis and Zayn are being very loud today. I'm Liam." WE shook hands. Man his chocolatte brown eyes were to die for!!! ANd his smile was so cute! "Nice to meet you Liam," I flashed a smile, " I'm ashley." The very loud one in strips quickly shouted, "Oh we know!!! Harry's been talking about you nonstop!! haha!!! I'm Louis!!!!!!" i felt the blood rise to my cheeks. HArry was talking about me I looked up at him and he flashed his dimples at me.

Harry's voice is so soothing, "AShley and that's Zayn" he pointed to the last guy who looked myterious and was quiffed with a blonde streak. I smiled and shook hands with him. "Oh and AShley there's one more, Niall, but he's not home now." I nodded, "Harry what are we goign to do?"

"Well ash we have an hour so what ever you want." Louis screamed, "TRUTH OR DARREEEEEE!!!!!!" I laughed he was soooo funny!!! "Thats sounds good." I said. "Truth or dare it is!" annoceded Harry. We sat in a circle together next to me was Harry and Louis. "Louis wants to start!!!" louis screamed again. "Ummm Harry!!! Truth or dare" Harry locked up and said, "Since I'm scared of your dares, TRUTH!"

"Do you looooooove Ashley?" I think he muttered yes. "Sorry what no one can here you talk loud like me!!!!!" "YES." I blushed agian as Harry put his arm around me. Yay! Happy Dance! It was harry's turn "ZaYN TRUTH OR DARE!!" "Dare" he smirked. "I dare you to give up your mirror fir the rest of the day." HAHA ZAYN!!!! "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! NOT THE MIRROR!!!" He yelped and handed it over to Harry. Zayn's turn, "ummmm lets see Louis truth or dare!" DARRREEEE" Louis sang. "I dare you to run down to the lobby in only your underwear." Zyn looked proud of his dare to Lou. "Alrighty I never turn down a great dare like this one." And Louis pulled down his pants ewwwww. Thank God harry covered my eyes at the last second.\

After Louis dare, it was his turn oh god I haven't gone yet. "I truth or dare.. ASHLEY!!!!" Oh no. "Ummmm Truth." I feel confident. I think I'm scared of Louis' dares like Harry. "Grrrr... YOu guys are no fun!!!! What are you and Harry going to do tonight?" Easy question Lou!!!

" We are going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and have dinner i think"

Harry lended down into my ear, "are you ready to go to the movie?" "Yep! Lets go"


Author's Note:

Hey guys!!! :) hope you liked that chapter!!!! Tell me what you think of the new cover!!!! And comment what you what to happen or what you think will happen!!! And of course please Comment, Fav, and Like!!!!! :)


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