A Night to Remember (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Laurie never expected to meet her idols at a club in London. Will Laurie and a member of One Direction fall in love or will her boyfriend get in her way? What about a love triangle... maybe
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1. The Club

Laurie's POV

"Laurie!!! Hurry up we need to go!!!" There she goes again. My best friend Ashley is ALWAYS on time. Me, not so much. We've been BFFs since as long as I can remember. Fouth Grade was it? THat would mean I've known her for at least 7 years. Sounds right. Well let me introduce myself. I'm Laurie your average 19 year old. I have a good sense of humor, brown eyes and straight light brown hair. The usual. Ashley is bouncy and has hasel eyes and brown curley hair.

Time to go. I'm wearing a tight black dress with ruffles. And on my feet sliver heels. Ashley decided on a hot pick party dress, so cute on her! And to match me silver heels too. We always matched wiht one piece of clothing each day. I don't it's been something we do forever! "Laurie!! Get your butt down here!!!" Ahhhh!!!!!! "I'm coming Ashley!!" I yelled back down to her and then trotted down the stairs, trying to not trip. "Haha nice shoes, Laurie!" "Awwwww Thanks Ash! Your shoes look snazzy too!" Lovely traditions. And then we walked off to the car, click click click as we walked. MY BFF hoped into the drivers seat and me in the passangers. I tried to start a conversation, "Sooo which club are we going to?" "Oh just the usual," Ashley responded, keeping her eyes on the road.

The car went to a stop and out we went into the club. And this is where our story began. The smell of beer, sweat, and achocol. AShley and I went to the dance floor and started dancing like any person would do. After 30 mins. of dancing it was time for a drink. I choose Budweiser and AShley settled on red wine. Then out of the corner on my eye I saw them 5 extremly hot guys!!  The One with curly and piecing green eyes looked right at Ashley, i saw her melt. Next I saw a pretty cute blonde with oceanblue eyes, adorable! Something about them made a tickle in my stomach.

The blonde was so irresistable!!! But, wear did I reconize him from? I don't I just had to talk to him!! Then a thick Irish accent knocked me out of my day dream, "Umm... Hello miss...I-I-I was wondering if you would like to share a dance with me self and the lads. Ummm Your friend can tag along too." He was Irish too!!! I knew it! He was Niall Horan from One Direction!!! OMFG!!! What do I say?!?? "Ok" I responded as he linked my arm and guided me to the dance floor. Holy Crap I'm going to fall for him! No, Laurie snap out of this!! You have a boy friend who loves you very much. But, do I love? Yes, yes I do. One dance can't hurt a thing.

To be honest he was a really great dancer too. "So ummm, what's your name?" "Laurie" "That's pretty name. Oh and I'm Niall in case you didnt know." "THanks Niall and I knew" OMG of course i knew!!! He is just too cute! "So Laurie, Are you a fan?" Niall asked. "Yes a bit" YESSS!!!! I wanted to scream. He just smiled from my comment. Awwww.... Then typical Niall got a little thristy. WE got a drink me wine him beer. We had small talk for next hour or so. I got to know he pretty well. "Niall you really are so dwon to EArth like everyone says you are. I loave that about you." "Thanks Lau-" My phone buzzed just to ruin the moment. Grrrr!! this better be good.

I reached into my black clutch purse and out came my phone. I looked at the screen and face dropped. A facebook update. It's a pic of my BF kissing a slut that went to my school. I felt the tears coming and before I knew it, I was crying out the Amazon River. Niall immediatly asked, "Laurie Laurie! What happened?!? Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?" Poor Niall thinks it's his fault, "N-Ni-Niall, you d-din't do anything wrong. It's just that- well" I showed him the picture, "that's my boy friend or at least was my boy friend" I just started bawling out tears right inside the club. Soon I felt a strong arm around me and knew it was Niall.

"I so sorry this happened to you." He conforted me, man I could really get used to this. Just something about him I really loved! We talked for the rest of the time at the club. Soon it became time to go :( I wish that day would never end. Thank God I gto his number!! :)

Ashley and I talked all night. I thought we would never get to bed. Then I remembered I had to break up with my boy friend tomorrow. I didn't want to but I dont keep cheaters. We had so many great memories together I would miss him, but this had to be done. I haven't been feeling sparks latley anyway. I hope he won't be too mad at me...


***Author Note***

Hey Guys!!! I hope you like that!!! I might sound boring but I promise it will get better!!! :) Comment, Fav, Like!!! Tell me what you think I hope to update soon!!!!!!!


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