A Night to Remember (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Laurie never expected to meet her idols at a club in London. Will Laurie and a member of One Direction fall in love or will her boyfriend get in her way? What about a love triangle... maybe
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9. Tears

Laurie's POV

The doctor came our with news he said that Niall is in a coma and will be out next week. At least he's not died. I was still really upset about him and how Ryan was okay and able to leave.

No one could understand me. I was bawling in tears in a corner. I felt someone sit down next to me. I t was Harry he 's really nice. "Hello Laurie. I'm Harry we haven't offically meet yet."

He put his hand out for me to shake, "H- --sniffle-- i" That was all i could manage. I told you no one could undestand me in that way. I was talking like that, with snifflling, coughing, and crying, like bawling crying. Not just boo hoo, ugly crying.

I looked like a zombie, i knew I did. My make up was propally running every where and all over my face. I just missed Niall so muh all ready.

Harry and I talked for a long time. He was comforting me and telling me everything will be all right. This went on for at least an hour. The doctor walked in. "Niall is ready for vistors. Please don't put too many people in the room at once though."

Yay!!! I can see Niall now!! He won't be awake though. :( /what ever Its better than nothing. Harry nudged me, "Ready? I'll get Ashley and the lads. Wait here." I obeyed as he went to get them.

He came back with Zayn and Louis, but not Ashley and Liam. Hmmmm. "Where's ASh and Liam?" I hope they're all right.

"Oh ya they're not here. I texted Ashley. You can go in, we'll wait for them to show up." I nodded and went to the front desk. "Excuse me?" I asked the blonde receptionist. "Yes. Sweetie what can I do for you?" She was pretty and looked about 22. She had bright red lip stick on. It looked good on her.

"What room is Niall Horan in?" She nodded and typed a few things into the computer. I couldn't read her name tag but I think her name had a 'y' in it. "Ah ha! Our little celeberty is in room 334. Can I get an ID before you go up there? We don't want random fans coming in."

I nodded and showed her my drivers liesense. "Ok you may go up. Must be nice to be Niall's girl friend." "It is. Thank you."

I headed up. She was really nice Liam should hook up with her. He's been really down since Danielle. She was also really pretty I mean everyone loves a blonde with bangs and bright red lips. I did at least. 331, 332, 333, Ah Ha!! 334!!

i was neveous to go in and see him. I could feel the sweet on my hands. I knocked on the door. And opened it up....

Oh MY GOD!!! "Ni-ni-niall. Oh my god!!!" I rushed over to his side. I could feel the tears coming and before I knew it, one rolled down my cheek. I quickly wipped it off my cheek. 'No more crying Laurie. Stop the tears. No more you're becoming to be a weak girl. Don't cry ever again. Promise?' My tough side questioned my weak self. 'Promise'


Authors Note:

Hey guuyyyz!! Sorry for the short chapter and if this is confusing you. I kinda went 'back in time' I guess from AShley's POV to Laurie's POV, so the blonde and Harry didn't kiss yet. This was happening while Ashley and Liam were gone. I'll try to do the next ch better. Sorry guyz!! :)




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