A Night to Remember (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Laurie never expected to meet her idols at a club in London. Will Laurie and a member of One Direction fall in love or will her boyfriend get in her way? What about a love triangle... maybe
I'll try to updated at least twice a week.....
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4. Starbucks

Laurie's POV

I walked into Starbucks and immediatly saw Niall sitting in the corner wavinga t me wiht a smile ear to ear. He was so adorable!! I walked over, "Hey Niall long time no see!" "Hey Laurie!" And with that we walked up to the counter. I'm getting my usual "I'll have a iced carmel frape with extra extra carmel!! plzzzzzzz!!!" I said holding the 'z'. Niall ordered a chocolate mocha. I reached into my purse to pay her when Niall grabbed my arm and locked his eyes with mine. "No Laurie, I'll pay." I couldn't let him pay!! We don't really know each other and this isn't really a date or anything. "No I got it" "Laurie please I WANT to pay for you!!" He begged, so I agreed.

Then we headed backt o our seat in the corner. There was a lot of silence... AKWARD!! Then Niall broke the silence, "Sooo Laurie..... ummm what happened wiht your boyfriend?" Why did he ask that? did he like me or something? Well its not like im single anymore. "Well, i texted him when I woke up saying that we're over and I don't keep cheaters and so on. But somehow he gopt the nerve to call me after I sent the text and I even told him in the text that I didnt want to speak to him ever again. But whatever I clarifyied that we are no longer dating and he shouldn't call ever again." After I said that I saw a small smile crept onto his face. Oh Niall.

"Wow. I'm sorry that happened to you. How long were you guys dating?" Geee Whats up with im and the dating questions?! This isn't a date, I don't think it is anyway. "We wen't dating that long but he was my best friend before. But I have other friends, like you" and I gave him a big smile. He smiled so large someone could see it from China. "Laurie. Niall. Your coffee's ready."

we grabbed our coffee took a seat and then of course cameras flashed everywhere!! and Niall immediatly got up, hinding his face, and went to the restroom. I then just sat there alone drinking coffee.

I was staring oput the window drinking my coffee, when the StarBucks door flew open!!! In came Ryan, my ex. He scanned the shop looking for me. I was found. Ryan stomped over looked at me and yelled, "WHY LAURIE WE WERE SO GOOD TOGETHER!!!!!!! IT WAS A DARE I SWEAR!!!!! PLZ YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!!!!!" Really?!?!! Did he really just do that how many times do I have to tell him!!! "RYAN!!! I left you because one: you were cheating on me and I dont care if it was a dare or not because you know I HATE cheaters!!! Two: You didn't listen to me when I told you twice that I didn't want to tallkt o you ever again!! And Three: I haven't been feeling us latley anyways."

"LAURIE I DIDNT CHEAT ON YOU IT WAS A FREAKING DARE!!!!!!!!! AND WE WERE SO FUCKING GOOD TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!" oH MY GOD he just cursed at me any good biy friend won't do that. "Ryan Four: You cursed at me!!!! NOW JUST GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!" I crossed my fingures, plz leave, plz leavc!! "LAURIE YOU ARE SOO IRRETATING!!!! WHY CANT YOU SEE!!!!" and with that he picked me up, slammed me againest the wall, and started kissing me!!!!!!!!! I pulled away and turned my head. "WHAT THE HELL RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!! NIALL!!!" "Don't tell me your calling your boy friend and already replaced me cause your mine!!!" "Niall is not my boy friend just friends, he comforted me when you cheated on me!!!!"

Then I heard my Irish boy!! Yes here he is!! "RYAN PUT HER DOWN NOOOOOW!!!!"

Oh no Niall Shouldn't have said that.... Ryan's smarter than that some how. And here he goes...

"WHTA DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME!!!!!!!!! YOU DO NOT SAY THAT TO ME!!" He lifted Niall up and pushed me hard againest the wall, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ANYWAYS!!!!?!?!?? HMM!!! HMM!!! IM WAITING" holy shit ive never seen him this mad oh god please save Niall.... I said my prayers and crossed both fingures then closed my eyes for good luck. WHAM!!! SMACK!! BOOM!!! Should peek? what if Niall's hurt!?!? OMG please don't let it be Niall. I slightly opened my eyes.. YES!!!! Its not a blonde!!!! I opened my eyes all the way to see Ryan laying on the floor wiht a bloody nose and swollen eye. Wow for a guy who eats alot Niall can surely punch someone good. Niall and I locked eyes. Holy Crap!!!!! his eye was swollen shuck and his nose and teeth were bleeding badly. He needs to get a hosepiltale ASAP

I whipped out my phone and dialled 999. "Hello this is London emergency services. What is your emegency?" "Blood, lots of it!!!!! Swollen e-eyes. A-a Fight too. t-two guys. Hurry!!!!" With that teers started to form and fall. "Alright sweetie hang in there. Where are you?" "S-s-star-b-bucks on A-Ap-ple L-lane!!!!" I wailed out I could barly speak I hope she got that. "Thank you. Someone will be here shortly."

Shortly how long could that be? I look at Niall and Ryan hopefully not that long. They were losing blood quickly. I can't take it!!! I'm crying!!!! I haven't cried in well umm lets see my parents died about three years ago. That means my brother died five years ago. Five years i haven't cried in five years. I'm known a strong girl who doesn't cry. Why was I crying? Whatever its been five years I can let a few tears slide by. Hopefully just a few.

I should call Ashley. "Sire. Call Ashley." Bleep! There it goes. Ring!! RING!! RINGGGGG!!!! No answer... she always aswers especially to me. Now ashley's voice, I didn't know she even had a voicemail werid, "Hey ya!! This is Ashley!! I'm super duper sorry I can't get the your call, but I promise I'll call you soon!!! Oh ya the tone thingy!!" Beeeeeep!!!!! "Oh umm hey Ashley. --Sniffel-- Well Niall and Ryan got in a fight. Please go to the hosiple ASAP. See you there!'

The momeries flooded back to. I remeber the voicemail now. About 1 1/2 years ago. Me and Ryan got into our first fight. I saw him kissing Amy. Worst thing ever. Of course he claimed it as a dare. I mean I was his first strik againest me so I took him back. I don't want to get into the story now. Its been 10 min and no abbumlience. What should I do? SHould I call them back?  I'll call.

9-9-9. "Hello." "Umm hi I called about ten minutes ago and there's still no one here." "OK hun. I send anouther crew." OK good maybe they'll come. "Thanks I'm at the startbucks off on Apple Ln." "Ok I can see we sent someone. I'll tell them agian on the radio after five mins. call again if they aren't there." Great the same people. "Umm I don't think the can last much longer could you send anouther crew?" "Sure! I'll contact them now. Bye!" Now I wait anf wait.

I'll see how Niall's doing. "Niall how are you? they are on thier way. hang in there." Niall started to moroun. "auugggggggg. lossing... blood.. help Auuuuuuggg!" I wrapped his nose and mouth in towels, then made my way to Ryan. Ewww!!! I have to help him.... "Ryan I'm goign to wrapped your cuts doctors should be here soon. OK?" "OK"

I waited

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