A Night to Remember (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Laurie never expected to meet her idols at a club in London. Will Laurie and a member of One Direction fall in love or will her boyfriend get in her way? What about a love triangle... maybe
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11. Sleep Talker

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Laurie's POV

Ok self you need to get a metal grip on your self!!! You are such a wimp because you're crying over a damn boy that you just meant.... Not normal like at alllll. I guess I so sad because me and Niall got on so well and I feel like I've known him forever, but I didn't I just meet him and there is defiantly no way I used to know him. When I was younger everyone hated me. And I mean everyone. At six and seven I had absolutely no friends until Ashley came into the picture. 

Well I guess I should be honest to you... I had one friend.....Nile. BUT THERE IS NOO WAY THAT'S THIS NIALL. They spell there names differently for Gods sake.. But ya knowww I was in Mullingar when I met Nile. 

No way it's him. No freakin way.

Soooo I bet most of you guys are probably like what is this girl talking about has she finally lost it completely. No haven't COMPLETELY lost it. It's just one summer when my parents were at there worst I lived my aunt,before she died, in Mullingar. 

And that's where I met Nile at the park down the street...


I could feel the sun beating down on my as I raced as boy to the last swing. We both reached the swing at the same time and sprung onto it crashing our heads and landing in giggle fits. 

I finally got a good look at the kid a brunette not that bad looking (I had great taste for a six year old ;)  )   He looked up at me and stuck out his hand "I'm Nile!" He said my a teeth grin. "Laurel, but everyone calls me Laurie!!! Call me Laurel and ill break your teeth." 

And I was also a violent six year old. Haha he looked terrified so I immediately said, "I'm joking don't worry, I won't hurt a fly!" And returned him a toothy grin. 

And from then on me and Nile hung out at the park all the summer


 "Laurie. Laurie. Laurie. Laurie!! LAURIE!!" I looked up to see the doctor shouting my name.

"what? Is there any more news on Niall?"

She gave my a nervous look and breathed in slowly, "Yes actually. Come follow me." 

We walked into a room where I saw Harry, Louis, zayn, Ashley, and Liam. But something wasn't right... Harry and Ashley weren't near each other at all. Instead Ash and Liam were having there own private conversation.

I sat down next to Harry and whispered, "What the hell did you do to Ashley, she has 'the look' on?"

Harry's face immediately fell and he become suddenly in grossed in the number of hairs of his fingers. "Harry tell me everything, I wouldn't be mad unless you lie to me"

The curly haired boy relaxed a bit and started off, "I'm going to be complete honest with you so Ash-"

A nurse walked in and gave us all a sincere glance, "I afraid I bear the news of Niall James Horan." She paused and slowly made eye contact with us all. I whispered to harry," you didn't get out of this...our conversation is not over."

Then the nurse continued, "Anyway Niall is alive, but he has this condition where he will 'relive' some of his favorite childhood memories. For example, he might be sleeping one night and then start talking in his sleep. So it will only occur in his sleep."

We all nodded. This wasn't bad at all.

"He is in the waiting room. You may take him home tonight."


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