A Night to Remember (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Laurie never expected to meet her idols at a club in London. Will Laurie and a member of One Direction fall in love or will her boyfriend get in her way? What about a love triangle... maybe
I'll try to updated at least twice a week.....
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This is my first so please no hate.. only constuctive recommindtions (however you spell it)



OMG GUYS GUESS WHAT!!!!!!! Chapter five got deleted. i saved it as a draft and then I went to write more and its not there!!!!!! THANKS ALOT MOVELLAS!!!!! GRRRRRR!!! So now I'll take longer for me to creat anouther chapter :(!!! I was going to get two ch. up tonight but no!!!!!!!!!!!!

IM SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!! :( Oh and sorry for not updating in a while!!! :( I had SAT's :(

~(AN ANGREY) EverythingAboutYou<3

PS: Pleassssseeeeee Comment, Fav, and Like!!! No one liked my movella yet, I just got like 4 favs :(

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