A Night to Remember (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Laurie never expected to meet her idols at a club in London. Will Laurie and a member of One Direction fall in love or will her boyfriend get in her way? What about a love triangle... maybe
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8. All's Fair in Love and War

Liam's POV

This is great just great. Niall's in a coma. Laurie is nice and all but she's been taking time away from the boys and Niall. NO! Liam! Don't think that! Laurie makes Niall really happy and don't think so self fishly!! Shame on you, Liam Shame!

I felt someone sit down next to me. Ashley. She looked so pretty when she came in the flat with Harry. Her hair was so perfect adn the dress made her look like an angel, wait she already was. She placed her hand on my leg, "Liam, you're the closest to Niall, I so sorry. What's his favorite things? Laurie can't tell me, she's too busy crying her eyes out."

Niall's favorite things. Food, Guitar, Last First Kiss, and propally Laurie. "Nandos, his Guitar, the song Last First Kiss, and Laurie." Ashley wrote them down but gave me a funny look when I said Laurie. I just shurgged.

Ashley looked at me with her beautiful hazel eyes, "I'm going to get Niall these things to put into his room for when he comes back. Wanna come with me? Harry's busy comforting Laurie. She's an emotional wreck right now." I nodded and headed to my car with her. It was really silent all the way to Nandos. We got everything on the list except of course Laurie, she's all ready there. but then Ash's stomatch growled.

I chucked. "Love, can I get you something?" She blushed and looked down, "Sure, I kinda missed dinner/lunch cause of this." I decided to get something too. "Want to go to Mc Donalds with me?" She nodded. Yes! more time wiht AShley!! :) We got into my car and drove off to Mc Donalds. The ride was silent. AWKWARD!!!

But, when we got int Mc DOnalds we talked. I ordered a big mac. Oh me geerd!! This is so fatning. How does Niall eat this all day?!?!! but it was soh so good! We both ate and talked for a long time. "SOooooo are you and Harry like a thing now or what?" I really wanted to know cause if they weren't well all is fair in love and war.

Ashley blushed again. GOD!! she was so cute when she blushed I just want her so badly!!!! NO Liam!!! Harry is one of your best mates. The other side of me kept pulling. But, they might not even be dating yet!!! "Yea Liam we are a thing now." POO. That sucks! Now i can't get Ashley from harry cause they're dating... :( I felt envy grow inside of me. I faked a smile, "Thats good, he'll treat you well." Why did you say that Liam!!!!! It sounds like i'm her father!!!!! Wait, people say I'm fatherly, I'm fine.

Ashley's POV

That was nice of Liam. To get me dinner and all. I just wish Harry was here instead, umm no offense Liam. He asked me if Harry and I were dating. Werid. I wonder if he likes me? no he can't, probally just curious. Liam stood up, "Ready AShley? Niall is stirring up. I got a text." At that moment I got a text too. WAIT make that 2. Bleep! No make it 3 Bleep!!! 4 Geee someone needs to reach me Bleep Bleep!!! 5 and 6

2 messages from Hazza <3; 3 messages from CULLEN<3 :P

Greaaat Cullen what the hell did he want!! We broke up alomost 5 months ago!!!

From Hazza <3:

Hey Babe! Where r u? Sorry our nite got ruined. :( Maybe anouther time. <3

Oh ya Harry didnt know I left with Liam.

From Hazza <3:

I'm worried. So is every1 else. Where r u? U with Liam? come bak soon. Oh and Niall's stirring. <3

Awww Hazza... I better say something back.

To Hazza <3:

Hey Babe!! I'm ok. Dont worry. With Liam now went to Mc Donald's leaving now. C u in 5!! <3

There and now for Cullen ugggg!!!!!!!

From CULLEN<3 :P:

Ashley!!! What have u been up 2? Want to catch up?

Heck No!! Cullen you broke my heart!! I wanted to scream that at him. He cheated on me with a popular girl she was way pretty than me I saw them kissing at a party so I broke up with him. Turned out that was going on for a week, so I was happpy to get rid of him.

From CULLEN<3 :P:

Plzzzz Ashley!!!! I miss u <3 Pretty plz!!!!! Dont ignore me!!!!

Oh Cullen. I would LOVE to ignore you all day.

From CULLEN<3 :P:

ASHLEY!!!!!! PLEASE I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! IM EVEN WRITING IN CAPS!!!! CAN WE DO SOEMTHING TOGETHER??? Please Ashley just as friends. I miss you as a friend okay? Not as a date or girl friend. <3

Ok so now he's saying just as friends. Oh ya he's propally still dating that slut he cheated with. No they broke up, I think. That sounds right because that would be the only reason he's coming back for me. I just groaned at the text. Liam just over as he drove. "Everything alright love?"

"Yep!" I poped the 'p' and put on a fake smile, "Everything's great my ex wants me back. Just lovely." I said sarcastily. Man, why does Cullen want me back. Its not like we we were dating for that long. At most a month and I don't even recall kissing him.

"I'm sorry Ash. Mind if I call you that and turn on the radio?" I hope music takes my mind off things. "Sure go right again. the radio might take my mind off him." I said back refering to Cullen.

Immediatly Last First Kiss started. Yay!! i love this song. I started singing to it. "Baby I, I wanna know what you think when you're alone

Is me ya? Are you thinking of me ya?

Ohh we've been friends not for a while

wanna know that when you smile

is it me ya, are you thinking of me ya" I chuckled. I was NEVER a great singer. "That was good you know. Dont doubt yourself" OMG he like read my mind. I giggled, "Ha ha whatever. Thanks i guess."

Liam's POV

Ashley doesn't understand how cute she is!! I want to make a move on her so bad. But she said harry and her are a thing. They haven't even gone on one date!! I need to make a move. All is fair in love and war. The song continued.

"Sooo ummm have you had your first kiss yet?" No! Liam!! dumb question. She's at 19. of course she has!!! Ashley looked down and blushed, "Umm actually no i havent." Really Hazza hasn't kissed her yet. Well how can they be dating. perfect time. I leaned in her and placed my lips on hers. I felt sparks, like fireworks went off. We were pulled in at the hospital so I didn't so anything extremly stupaid.

The kiss heated up. She bit my bottom lip. Ouchie! it also got more passionate. Our lips moved insynic together. My tongue asked for an entrance. She let me in. Our tongues explored each other mouths. I pulled away from lack on breath. "How was that for a first kiss." She smiled and left the car. GRRR!!!! LIAM!!! DUMB LIAM!!! Look what you did she left the car!!!! How could you do that to her when she's 'dating' Harry!!!!!

I put my head into my hands. I think she liked it though.

Ashley's POV

Liam Payne was my first kiss. Now that's something! I liked the kiss.I felt sparks that's not good!!! I 'dating' Harry!! i pretty sure we're dating anyways.!!!!! AHHHH!!! Why is love so complicated!!

I walked into the hospital and saw Harry chatting up with a blonde wiht bright red lips. I felt a tear fall. I guess we weren't dating. I could have scorn he liked me though. I'm crushed. Then HARRY went in for a kiss, not the blonde with red lips HARRY STYLES!! More tears came.

I ran up to Harry slapped him. Then left the hospital in tears to find Liam.


***Author's Note***

You guys probally want to kill me right now for not updating!!! Sorry!! I was sooooo busy!!!!!!! I was sick have the week and then SUPER busy I haven't had time. plus I was at my dads this weekend. I just got to my moms house. I'll try to update more this week for you guys. cause I love you so much!! What do you think will happen? Are Ashley and harry done forever? What about Liam? Who is the blonde wiht red lips?

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