The Unknown

Samantha Austin was an ordinary girl, she had good friends, a good family but one thing was special about her. She was siblings with the famous Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. In this Fan-fiction Georgia (Louis half sister) has a twin sister called Samantha, Georgia wanted all Louis fans to love her but back in 2010 Samantha was a dork so she hid in the shadows,


1. The Sisters No One Knew About

Samantha's Pov

Sunday the 23rd of December

Georgia and I sat in the front porch waiting for Louis and his band to arrive, to tell you the truth we were both big fans of them. Our dad left years ago but sadly mom died on Tuesday ,Louis said if Simon let them he could take us in and let us live with him, or if Simon said no Johanna (Louis' mom) would let us stay until they find a suitable housing arrangement.

It was a usual chilly afternoon in southern Yorkshire and silly me forgot to grab a jacket or sweater, 'Come on Sammie let's get inside its starting to get windy', Georgia said picking up her $5 sunglasses and throwing them at me. I stood up lazily and headed towards the door, just as I stepped inside I heard people yelling, I turned towards Georgia, we both nodded and ran back to the natures strip were a black van was waiting.

The van door swung open in an instant and Louis flew out tackling us to the ground, 'Louis!' Georgia and I yelled in unison, he jumped off us and lifted Georgia off the ground while a curly headed Harry helped me up. 'Guess what?!' Louis yelled, 'what' Georgia said smiling, 'You can stay!!!!!'...

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