Niall and Me

This story is a One Direction fanfiction. This one is based on a loving relationship with Niall. Hope you enjoy!!
P.S. I am a first time writer. Still young; not very good. So, please, no hate.


5. Second Thoughts

  I woke up and went to the family room; I seen Kori asleep on the couch.

  "This chick, sleeping on the couch, has to go." I said to myself while picking her legs up and throwing them on the floor where I could sit. She woke up and sat up.

  "What the bloody?!" She yelled.

  "You, were in my way. So, I fixed that problem. I am the problem fixer." I said with a smirk to myself. Chase ran in from his room and yelled,

  "Whoa! Ladies! Calm down!"

  "Oh, Chase! The worst thing just happened!" She said acting innocent.

  "Chase! Don't let that Hipsta Barbie fool you!" I yelled in defense.

  "Okay, you American lump of brown hair! Look here-" She began but I cut her off and said,

  "Okay, for one, I'm not American! I am Brittish! And two, I have more power than you do!" Chase finally decided to say something to Kori, he said,

  "Um.. Kori, you may not want to yell at her. Do you know who she is?"

  "Not the Queen or her daughter or her grand-daughter so why should she matter?" She replied sassilly.

  "She's Amber Payne, Liam Payne's sister and she's dating Niall Horan." Chase answered. Kori suddenly shut her mouth and backed up a little. I gave a smirk and a little laugh, she stuttered,

  "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

  "Ha-ha, whatever. Just listen to me and you can have tickets." I said. She smiled. Chase said,

  "Well, come on Amber, let's go to the docter's." We walked out the door and Niall snatched me up and gave me a kiss.

  "Hey, babe. Where ya going?" He asked. Out of the corner of my eye I seen Kori almost pass out.

  "I was going to go get an abortion." I answered. I seen Kori in the corner of my eyes again now looking shocked.

  "No, no, no, no, no, no. You're coming home. That baby is ours and we are going to love it. I don't care what the other boys think or say." Niall said.

  "I don't know.." I said thinking. Niall gave me the puppy-dog face and I thought harder. Well, you're going to have kids one day. Why not today? "Okay, I won't get an abortion."

  "Yay!" Niall yelled.

  "Well, bye Chase, Kori. I hope we can get along better next time I see you; which I'm sure will be quite often." I said and winked at Chase. "Oh!" I said remembering. I pulled out some tickets from Niall's back pocket (to which he blushed at because I touched his butt) and handed them to her. "Here are the tickets."

  "How did you know those were back there?" Niall asked.

  "Thank you so much! Can I have a hug, Niall?" She asked.

  "Sure." He said and gave her a hug. Me and Niall walked to his car and Niall said,

  "Tanks Chase for keeping her safe. I owe you. Bye Kori. Have fun at our concert." Then we started down the road.

  "And again, how did you know those were back there?" Niall asked.

  " I know that you always put tickets in your back pocket for some lucky fans." I answered.

  "Man, you know me too well." He mummbled as we pulled into the drive-way.

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