Niall and Me

This story is a One Direction fanfiction. This one is based on a loving relationship with Niall. Hope you enjoy!!
P.S. I am a first time writer. Still young; not very good. So, please, no hate.


1. Pregnant

  "Niall!" I yelled as I came from our room.

  "Yes, Amber, my love?" He said. I could only hear him, not see him.

  "Where are you?" I asked. He put his arms around me from behind me.

  "Right here, babe." He answered. I turned around and he let go of me; leaving about a foot between us. I realized that he was in his breifs, I smiled a little. "So, what did you want?"

  "Oh yeah, well, Niall, you're going to be a father." I answered.

  "You're pregnant!? Oh my Nando's! But wait, we haven't 'done it'  in awhile." He said.

  "Which means I'm pretty far along. When was the last time?" I asked.

  "Four months?" He guessed with a shrug.

  "I believe so." I replied and gave him a kiss.

  "Where's the boys?" Niall asked excitedly. "I gotta tell them!"

  "Niall, I don't know if they'll take it so well. They might think that it'll mess up the band. Maybe I should just get an abortion." I replied; my American accent cracking a little.

  "What!? No!" Niall yelled. "That is are child! I don't care what they think! That is our child and I will love it with all my heart along with you." I couldn't help but smile when he said that. I felt myself blush; I wonder if it's visable.

  "I don't know, Niall. We need to consider on what they think." I said.

  "Oh shut up." He said before he passionantly smashed his lips into mine.

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