Niall and Me

This story is a One Direction fanfiction. This one is based on a loving relationship with Niall. Hope you enjoy!!
P.S. I am a first time writer. Still young; not very good. So, please, no hate.


7. I Regret Nothing

  I ran to Chase's house and bursted into the door. Chase was sitting on his couch.

  "What's the matter!?" He yelled seeing the tears roll down my cheeks. He wrapped me up in a hug.

  "Niall doesn't want me to come down here to your house anymore because you raped that girl that one time." I mummbled into his chest.

  "Okay, okay. Let's go sit down." He said. I pulled away from him and he went towards the couch and grabbed my hand for me to follow. He sat down and pulled me down to where I was sitting on him. He pulled me close and I began to cry into his chest. He put his hand on the back of my head and stroked my head caringly.

  "Chase, I just don't know what to do." I mummbled out.

  "Well, who do you love more? Me or him?" He asked me. I looked at him and said,

  "Chase, you know that I love Niall. And you know that I love you, but you also know that it would mess up our friendship. And I just can't risk that."

  "I know. So, am I going to have to rape you?" He asked. I had a shocked and scared look on my face. "Ha-ha, I'm just kidding, I would never do that and you know it."

  "Yeah." I said with a smile.

  "You can stay the night here if you'd like." Chase offered.

  "Okay, thanks." I answered. Just then Niall ran in.

  "Townsend!" Niall yelled.

  "Horan!" Chase yelled back.

  "Get away from my girlfriend!" Niall yelled; mad.

  "Your girlfriend? Hmm, well she sure does run to me a lot, instead of you." Chase said with a smirk.

  "Jacob, stop. There's already enough trouble." I said to Chase in a whisper. I stood up and went over to Niall and said,

  "You had no right to barge into his house like that. Now you go and apollogize to him. If you do, I will go back home with you."

  "Fine." He said and went over to Chase."Townsend-" I cleared my throut."I mean, Jacob-" I cleared my throut again, this time angered. "I mean Chase, I'm sorry that I barged into your house with no permission, I hope that you forgive me. And I promise that Amber can still come over any time she wants."

  "It's fine." Chase said.

  "Aren't you going to apollogize?" Niall asked.

  "I regret nothing." Chase answered and laid back and propped his feet upon his table. Niall looked at me and pointed with his mouth opened. I just shrugged my shoulders.

  "Well, Chase, me and Niall are going to go home now. I'll see you later. Love you and good night." I said.

  "Bye Amber, good night. Love you too. Bye Niall." Chase said.

  "Bye." Niall mummbled. We walked home in silence. When we got outside of the door we heard the boys yelling and laughing; being their regular selves. Well at least someone is having a good time. I opened the door and went in. Someone grabbed me as soon as I walked in. Well, since my mom had taught me karate I immediently went in defense mode. I kicked and punched. I felt my hand connect with someone's forehead and felt skin break under my fist's force.


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