Niall and Me

This story is a One Direction fanfiction. This one is based on a loving relationship with Niall. Hope you enjoy!!
P.S. I am a first time writer. Still young; not very good. So, please, no hate.


6. Dirty Little Secret

  We walked in and the boys were sitting around waiting; worried. When Liam seen me he yelled,

  "She's here! So you really did know where she was! Where was she?"

  "Um.."Niall said and then looked at me. "She was at the park."

  "She slept at the park last night!?" Harry yelled in his deep voice.

  "Uh.. Well she.. She um.." Niall stuttered.

  "I was at Chase's house." I answered.

  "You were at Chase's house?! You let her stay at Chase's house?! Do you know that he has a criminal record?! He could have raped her!" Harry yelled again.

  "Harry, Chase is my best friend, he would never do that to me. He loves me too much. He is like my other brother." I replied in a soft, perky voice; trying to keep everyone in a good move.

  "Anyways!" Liam yelled. "Why'd you run off?"

  "It became too much; there was too much yelling." I replied and sat down.

  "Oh, well we just wanted you two to know that even though you all were inmuture we will support you through the pregnantcey." Liam said. Zayn said,

  "But Liam we never agreed on th-" Liam cut him off and said,

  "Yeah we did, you just don't remember." He was obviously lying.

  "Okay, well thank you guys, whether you support us or not." I said and Niall motioned for me to come to him. I followed him to the kitchen.

  "When were you going to tell me that Chase had a criminal record?!" He yelled in a hushed whisper.

  "I'm sorry, I thought you knew." I answered whispering.

  "Well, what does he have a record for?" He asked, now in a calm whisper.

  "Uh.. He robbed an aquarium. Yeah, that's it." I answered with a terrible lie.

  "Amber, what'd he really do?" Niall asked, still whispering.

  "Okay, fine, you want to know what he has a record for!? He raped some little girl that he babysat!" I yelled for some reason mad. Niall had a look of shock on his face. I stormed out of the kitchen and went for the door.

  "Where ya goin'?" Louis asked.

  "The park." I mummbled.

  "No! Amber, don't you dare go out that door! I am not letting you go back to that rapist's house!" I heard Niall scream. I turned around and walk over to him, I got in his face and stared him down in his eyes. I then said,
  "You will not tell me what to do. You do not control me." And with that I walked out; all the boys wide-eyed and gapping mouths.


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