It was Just a Normal Day

In this story, a girl Amelia goes through the amazing experience of meeting One Direction, until some celebrity crushes get in the way... I hope that you guys like it, it's my first fanfic! My best friend and I wrote it!


8. Why is this Happening

I walked with Niall to the back of the building where I saw a romantic table with non-alcoholic champagne and a brightly lit candelabrum. I was impressed. I couldn’t believe that Louis spent all of this money to make this such a romantic date.

During the next half hour, Niall and I talked. Once we talked too long and I forgot that I had half a cheesecake still on my plate. Also at some time during the last five minutes of the, Niall gave me the last piece of his cheesecake. I couldn’t believe it. Did Niall Horan really give his last piece of cheesecake? This is the boy who wasn’t sent to do grocery shopping because they feared that he would buy too much food, the boy who tried to eat Zayn’s hand because he ate the last potato chip, the boy who would eat anything, gave me his last piece of cheesecake. Could this mean something?

When Niall and I walked out of the doors of the Cheesecake Factory, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Louis and Harry were still fighting. But this time it was a lot worse. I saw Louis, all scraped and bloodied up, and Harry fighting for his life.

I was about to go crazy, but then it got much, much, MUCH worse! Louis shouted at the top of his lungs, “I’ve had ENOUGH of this!!!!” and put Harry into a lethal headlock. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I sprinted up to then at about the time when Harry turned purple. I went up to both of them and slapped them HARD. They both looked at me as if I were nuts.

“Are you kidding me?!?!” I shouted, “I can’t BELIEVE that both of you would bring my liking into a fight!”

They all looked at me, “Well, if you don’t want us fighting, you’re going to have to pick one of us. Either me or Louis” Harry said.

“Or me!” Niall chimed in.

I looked at them all and couldn’t decide. “I-I-I-I-” I stuttered. I started to tear up and I ran away. After a block, of running, I decide to take a quick peek back to see if they were there. Of course they were, and they were sprinting after me. I saw the determined look on their faces. And I knew one thing; I had to RUN like hell!


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