It was Just a Normal Day

In this story, a girl Amelia goes through the amazing experience of meeting One Direction, until some celebrity crushes get in the way... I hope that you guys like it, it's my first fanfic! My best friend and I wrote it!


5. Something in my Back Pocket

When Emily and I arrived back at our apartment, I thought about Harry’s advice and realized I just threw my pants into the dirty clothes hamper. I brought the pants back up and searched my pockets. All I found were three pennies, a crumpled up single, and a neatly folded piece of paper. I knew one thing. I DID NOT FOLD PAPER!!!!!!

I quickly unfolded the paper and read what was on it. There was nothing but a phone number. I took out my cell and dialed the number. The phone started to ring and them a British voice picked up. “Hello?”

“Hi,” I answered, “Who is this and why do I have your number?”

“Ohhh, hi Amelia, it’s Harry. Sorry I didn’t tell you that I put my number in you back pocket, but I did give you a piece of advice about checking your pockets.”

Harry and I talked for hours until Emily called from the kitchen, “The pie is ready!!!” I told Harry that I had to go but I would talk to him the next morning. I quickly hung up the phone.

After dessert, I explained everything about what happened today. I told her about everything, about the scowl, the Haz’s hand on my butt, and the phone number. She was listening to every word, hanging onto every syllable. “OMG!” she exclaimed, “This must mean something! Okay, while you were hugging Harry, Louis was scowling at Harry and he warned you about being with Harry. That TOTALLY means that Louis likes you!” I couldn’t believe my ears. Could Louis and Harry really like me? No, the idea seemed too ridiculous. I fell asleep with the garish idea stuck in my head.

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