It was Just a Normal Day

In this story, a girl Amelia goes through the amazing experience of meeting One Direction, until some celebrity crushes get in the way... I hope that you guys like it, it's my first fanfic! My best friend and I wrote it!


2. On stage



“You, young lady, in the brown rectangle glasses, please come up on stage!” I was dumbfounded; did Harry Styles really pick me to come up on stage? “Come on, don’t be shy.” Harry let down his hand and grabbed mine and I hoisted myself up on stage. When I looked up and over the rows and rows of screaming fans, many of them stared at me with envy, amazement, and hate. Harry asks me in his most seducing voice “What’s you name sweetheart?” I was as confused as everyone else in the room.

          “My name is Amelia. Amelia Johnson.” My voice was shaking as a Chihuahua would in a freezer.

          Harry grabbed my hand, “Well hello Amelia. It’s now time to pick a second guest to come up. Since Amelia was picked first, she gets to pick the next person.” Every girl in the room was staring at me, screaming my name and pleading for me to pick one of them.

          “Are all of you peopling kidding me? Come on up Emily! It’s your time to shine!” My best friend lost all concern for all of the fans screaming, “Her? HER?!?!?!” and took Liam’s hand and jumped up on stage. Before I could say “Emily, why are you so calm?” she sprinted over to me and gave me a squeeze that would kill a dinosaur.

          Emily screamed into my ear “Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I felt as if I were going to go deaf, as Emily’s dog Freckles.    

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