It was Just a Normal Day

In this story, a girl Amelia goes through the amazing experience of meeting One Direction, until some celebrity crushes get in the way... I hope that you guys like it, it's my first fanfic! My best friend and I wrote it!


11. Car Chase, Literally

I heard Harry’s steps coming closer and closer, and I couldn’t help but run faster. Once I got down to the lobby of my building, I yelled to follow me.

I soon led everyone to the garage of the building. I sprinted up to me car and not one person hesitated to follow me. When I was jamming my key into the keyhole, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry sprinting up to us.

Once I got the door open, Louis for some reason jumped in front of me and rammed himself into the driver’s seat. I didn’t bother to disagree, and everyone else jumped into the car. Louis managed to start my old rust-bucket of a car, and floored it. When I looked back, I saw Harry sprinting at top speed towards the car. I yelled at Louis to go faster. He looked at me, “But the speed limit is 25 mph!”

“LOUIS!!” I yell, “That’s an exit sign! The limit is 80. GO GO GO!!!!” But this comes too late. I hear a loud and ramped thump coming from the back of the car. I looked back to become even more terrified than I already am.

Haz just climbed onto the back of my car.

I was screeching and screaming, until I remembered that I left my sun roof unlocked. I tried as hard and fast as I could to close it, but it was too late. Harry lurched through the sun roof and grabbed me into his arms. I was about to cry because I was so scared. Harry somehow managed to open the back seat door and we both tumbled out of the car.

“I’m not letting go of you, ever.” Harry whispered.

“WTF?? You’re going crazy!”

Harry once again pulled me into a kiss and I was tempted to slap him again. I kneed him in the crotch for good measure. When Harry released his death grip, I stumbled to feet, and sprinted towards the car, which has now stopped to watch what has gone on.

I yanked free the door and flopped myself in.


Louis stepped on the gas without refusing, because Harry was back on his feet, determined for revenge against Niall for taking “his girl”. After 1/8 of a mile, my car started to make gross, gurgling noises. “What’s happening?” everyone said in unison.

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