It was Just a Normal Day

In this story, a girl Amelia goes through the amazing experience of meeting One Direction, until some celebrity crushes get in the way... I hope that you guys like it, it's my first fanfic! My best friend and I wrote it!


13. All the Crazyness is Over

I got up and strolled over to Emily. She shouted into my ear and I was afraid that I was going to go deaf again.

“Amelia!! Guess what? Liam asked me to date him!” she squealed.

“Oh my gosh Emily that’s great!” I sighed and continued, “These have been a very crazy 2 days haven’t they? I was nearly kidnapped by Harry Styles, you were slapped by Harry Styles and Niall Horan was almost killed by Harry Styles. It seems like whatever happened today is centered on Harry doesn’t it?”

That was when a doctor walked into the waiting room, looking very bright. “I have very good news. Niall has finally woken up and he is feeling very well. And he has requested that a girl named… Amelia to come and visit him.”

I was shocked at this, but I ignored this shock and I sprinted to Niall’s resting room. Once he saw me, his face immediately lit up. “Amelia, you came. Look,” he sighed, “I really like you and I have one very important question for you. This question had been circling in my head since the day that we met. Will you go out with me?”

Of course I said yes and after this, all the time that we had was amazing. Harry and I stayed great friends and Emily’s relationship with Liam was “perfect” I quote, and Niall and I moved into an apartment and it was all amazing. Until that fateful day at the park...

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