One direction fan fiction


2. Nerd

Wow. I don't consider Louis a nerd. Just because his unpopular doesn't mean he's a nerd. Nerds wear glass, shirts with pockets, etc. He's nothing like that. Now that I realize, Louis and I WERE best frinds. His mom and my mom are friends. His locker is right next to mine. I walk to my locker and see Louis next to my locker. I walk to my locker and laugh because I just saw Louis. I grab my things and I put it in my backbag. This is my last class, choir. I walk to the class and go to my seat next to Harry. Harry does sing good. My teacher yells, "Today, we will be doing solos!" I look at Louis across the room. I wonder what he sings like. The teacher picks on people to sing. He picks on a couple people. Then he picks me. I sing a little song. When I'm done singing I look at Louis. He looks at me in the eyes and smiles. I smile back. Then after a few more people, Louis is up. As he starts to sing, my heart stops. The most angelic voice ever. When he stops singing I catch my breath. The bell rings and I rush over to Louis. "Your voice is amazing!" I say to him. "Thanks! You too!" He says back. I go to the front of my school to walk home. I walk homw with Zayn and Liam. I walk to my neighborhood and see my mom. "Hi honey, how was school?" She asked. "Great!" I say back. I walk to the kitchen and grab and apple. My mom follows and says, "Tonight, we're gonna meet up with my friend," she explains, "Sorry, but you're going to have to join." I nod my head. "K." I say. I go to my room and turn on the radio. Before I knew it, its been two hours. My mom walks in, "Time to go." she says. I get my purse and turn the radio off. I walk to the car and see my mom's friend's car. I see someone in the backseat. Louis.

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