One direction fan fiction


3. Ice cream......

I smile as I open the door. "Hey." He says. "Hey!" I say back. I put my seat belt on and say to Louis, "Isn't this ironic?" "Yeah, you're right." Says Louis. As my mom turns on the radio, I get a text from Dani. "Where's nerd boy?" It says. I roll my eys and reply with a shut up. As we stop the car I notice that we are getting ice cream. I get out and walk where my mom is walking. It's pretty her, and outdoor ice cream stand next to a railroad. My mom asks me what I want and I say cookies and creme. As Louis orders, I wait for him. He gets strawberry. We walk together towards the railroad tracks. I look around and see a sign that says One Direction. He walks to the bench next to the tracks. I sit next to him. "So, how have you been?" I ask. He explains how his life has been and I explain mine. When we finish our ice cream we go to the train tracks. I look into his grayish-blue, beautiful eyes. "Honestly, I've missed you. We were so close." I say to him. He responds with a slight. "I know." He looks at me with a look. "Megan, your so beautiful. I've been feeling that since the first day I met you. Your green eyes that change in the sunlight. Your blonde hair. The way that you flip you hair gets me overwelmed." He says. My eyes widen and my heat beats faster. I never knew thats the way he thought. Harry never said anything like that. "Wow, Louis. I never knew...... you...... likes me." I say back. "I... I'm sorry Megan, I should've never said that. You have a boyfriend." He says with a worried look. If my mom wasn't here, I would've kissed him by now. I look around to see where my mom is. She's with Louis's mom in the train station. I turn my head back to Louis. "Megan?" He asks me. "Yeah?" I say back I look at him. He grabs my arms and kisses me right on the lips.

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