One direction fan fiction


5. Boyfriend??

This morning, I got up, got dressed, (crop top with shorts) fixed my hair, (curled) at breakfast, and went to school. I walked to my English class and saw one of my friends. Dani rolled her eyes at me and talked to Emma. I kinda got my feelings hurt. I turned around and sat next to Liam. Throughout the whole class I was thinking about Louis. His eyes. His hair. His everything. When the bell rings for algebra, I see Louis. He sits behind me. I greet him with a smile and he gives one back. I sit down and the teacher starts to talk. I get a note by my feet from Louis. "I'm really sorry about yesterday. I totally forgot you had a boyfriend and, I'm sorry." It says. I grab a pencil from my binder. I reply with a , "DON'T BE SORRY. Besides, I broke up with Harry. He was cheating on me." He grabs the paper out of my hand slowly so the teacher doesn't see. He writes something fast and hands the paper back. "What an idiot." It says. I smile. I throw the paper away so the teacher doesn't see. The bell rings and the teacher yells, "Have a nice weekend! T- G-I-F!" I laugh becayse Mr. K always says that. As a few classes go by, I can't stop thinking about when Louis kissed me. Right there on the railroad.  I go to science, (my last class) and see Louis. At this point I don't care what anybody thinks. I go up to him and sit down and hold his hand. His face gets red. "So.... will you be my girlfriend?" he asks. A massive smile appears on my face. "Yes!" I say back. He smiles and hugs me. The teacher walks in. The whole class went by fast. I look at Louis. "You don't think were taking this to fast do you?" I say with a worried look. "I don't think so ," He says back. I nod with an ok. The bell rings and as I grab my books and supplies Dani, and everyone else comes up to me. They push my things down with a mean look and say, "Hey nerd girl."

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