One direction fan fiction


1. Crush

As I walk with all my friends in the hallway, Dani, El, Perrie, and Lexie, I see my boyfriend Harry waiting for me at my locker. "Hey." I say. "Hey, Give me the algebra answers." He says with a strange look. He always does this. Act like he loves me, then gets something out of me. I roll my eyes and give a fake smile. I walk away and I go to the science room. "Hey girls." I say to all my friends. A few minutes later before the bell rings, my teacher announce that we're getting new seats and the list is on the wall. I scan to find my name. Louis Tomlinson. I've heard the name before but I don't know him. I turn around and see a boy with a navy blue and white striped shirt, dark red jeans and suspenders. "Hi. I'm Louis but people pronounce it Louie." He says. "Ummm... Hi Louis, I'm Megan." I say back. "I know." He says to me. I walk over to the science lab to get saftey glasses. I kind of have to admit, Louis is cute. I go sit at the table. I take a testing tube and sit at the table. I now notice that I have a few classes with Louis. Choir, Algebra, and this class. "I bet yo don't remember, but we were best friends in elementry school. " He says to me.  As I think, I remember. A slight smile appears  on my face. Louis was my best friend. I played with him everyday. I also remember, we got "married" under  tree with ring pops. "I still have my ring ." I say with a smile. Before I knew it, the bell rings. I grab my things and head towards the door. As I walk to the door I drop my binder. Louis comes up and picks it up for me. "Thanks." I say to him. He smiles and walks  away. My friends come up to me in a discusted look. "Why are you talking to that nerd?" They say as they turn around in a possy and walk away. 

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