Perfectly Imperfect

Rae is Fierce , and Harry finds it attractive. Will there hearts be meant for each other?


2. Dumbfounded

Raelyn's (POV)
I walked off onto the side walk. i didn't even know what was going on. I walked into my house and saw my mom sleeping. ''Mom i got the stuff.'' she got up. ''Thank you hun.'' I ran up stairs to take a shower. As i was in the shower i soon realized that his number was still on my hand and hat it was smeared. Shit. But it wasn't like i liked him. I mean just because he had dimples and could seen sing and also nice hair.....Who am i kidding. He's perfect.....NO RAE! You cant like him! I got out the shower an tried to get the rest off my hand. I was pissed that this happened. I went to go lay down and was thinking about him. He had the nicest smile ever. And the British accent ; lordy.-----''Ally i need to talk to you'' i sent my friend ally that note. She turned to me mouthing the word ''ok.'' '' Hey!'' she squealed walking up to me at lunch. ''Hay come here.'' I grabbed her hand and sat her down at a lunch table. ''Is everything ok?'' she asked with a worried look. ''Yeah.....Kinda.'' ''You dont seem so sure.'' I was scared to tell her what happened the other night. I hated when she freaked out. ''Well....I kinda 'meet' someone last night.'' ''.......Oooo :)'' Here goes nothing. ''His name is um... Uh....Harry.....Styles.'' Her eyes widened. ''AHHHHHHHHHHHH!'' She was screaming to the top of her lungs. Everyone turned and faced her in the lunch room. ''Shush it!'' i yelled at her. She was waving her hands in the air. Then this voice broke out. ''EVERYONE! ONE DIRECTION IS WALKING BY OUR SCHOOL!'' Oh great. Ally pulled me and ran to the school doors. All I saw was girls screaming. Even a couple of guys. One Direction was waving to everyone signing the faces and stomachs. It was weird. Soon i heard a familiar voice. It was Harry. ''Everyone were done signing. Sorry!'' They started walking. They all turned around and Harry stared me straight in the eye and winked. I was dumbfounded. When i walked back to class , Ally was yapping ing my ear talking about Harry. Soon school was out and i was ready to got home as soon as possible. As im walking someone from a store comes out and snatches me.~

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