Perfectly Imperfect

Rae is Fierce , and Harry finds it attractive. Will there hearts be meant for each other?


1. Sweet Pea

Here I am. Again. I mean geez, when will i use 4x+r=6f i n the future? "Om my gosh did you here One Direction will be in town today!?'' Great. These one direction guys will be in town and all im gonna here are these girl yapping about it this week. ''Hay girl hay'' my good ol' friend Ally said. ''Hay girl.'' ''Ok so like On Direction will be intown to night!'' ''You too?'' i had said. ''YES. I'm a true directioner. You should be one too.'' ''You guys have a name for yourselves?... BUAHAHA'' ''Oh shush it. You'll fall inlove with them. I know you will.'' She was serious. ''In your dreams!'' I slammed my locker and winked her goodbye. I ran home to watch some t.v. ''Rae! i need you to go to the store and by some grocieries!'' my mom yelled. ''Ugh! ok!'' I took the money and ran out the door. It was really warm outside. The breeze flew through my hair like the those Victoria Secret Models ; except i looked nothing like those girls.

Harrys (POV)
''Ha! Now you have to buy me a bag of chips!'' Niall was a hungry beast at this time. ''I know, i know. Give me the money to buy it'' i I had said. ''Um Harry? This is coming out of your pocket!'' Darn. ''Oh fine.'' I ran to the nearest store I got the chips and got in line. I soon began to smell something sweet. It was the girl in front of me. It smelled like sweet pea. My favorite. She looked about 5'7 with brown hair. She turned around to get something. I figured if she saw me, she would freak out ; but she didn't. ''Hi.'' i said as she was still turned around. 'Um hi?'' she gave me a stupid look as if i was speaking Japanese. She was gorgeous. Why wasn't she attracted to me? I tapped her on the shoulder. ''Yes?'' she had said. ''I just wanted to say your really beautiful.'' ''Uh...Thanks? I guess.'' She didn't like me. Why the hell was i trying? She left the store with her things. I was telling the cashier to hurry but yet was still fan girling over me. She was getting away. I run out the door to find her. ''Hey mam!'' I yelled at her. She turned around. ''Yeah?'' i was still catching my breath ''How. Are. You.'' I was stagger breathing. ''Good...'' ''Oh goody!'' she still had that confused look. ''Do you know who I am?'' ''Yeah. Your that styles kid aren't ya? I hear your a manwhore and have taste in older women.'' she laughed and walked away. that hurt me. ''Well you must be a really gullible girl to believe that!'' she swiftly turned around and marched up to me. ''Look her buddy , I don't like ya! Your tall, weird, and you dimples are uneven! So back off bro!'' She was aggresive. I liked that. I smiled at her with my uneven dimples. She laughed and walked off. ''Hey wait up!'' i ran up to her. ''Here's my number.'' i grabbed a pen out my pocket and wrote on her hand. She shook her head. ''Your crazy'' she said. I winked at her. I was so caught up in the moment. ''Well call me anytime.'' i was about to hug her but she backed up and tried to give me a high five. I laughed. ''That's cool too.'' i said. ''Well..... Bye!'' she ran off. i still smelled the sweet pea.~

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