A Lucky Girl



11. What are you doing

Four months later...

Kayla's P.O.V

Louis called me and asked if I can come over so I said sure.Louis is staying two rooms down from me so it was just a simple walk.*KNOCK KNOCK*Louis awnserd the door and he grabbed my hand and asked me if I loved Harry and I told him yes.Then he started looking at me with his beautiful eyes and said I love you too Kayla.I had a shocked expression on my face and looked down at the shaggy carpet.But then Louis said we can just be friends and I nodded.We were watching Anchorman and he couldn't stop laughing which made me laugh.After the movie Louis looked at me again and stood up while grabbing my hand.I stood up and kept asking what are you doing.All of the sudden Louis Tomlinson collided his lips to mine.I pushed him away and yelled "What are you doing I'm dating Harry!"


Louis's P.O.V

I asked Kayla to come over and she said sure which made me smile.*KNOCK KNOCK* I scurried to the door and flung it open.Next I grabbed her hand and asked "Kayla do you love Harry?" and she told me yes.Then I stared looking at her beautiful eyes and I told her I loved her to and she looked shocked.I lied and said we could just be friends and put on a funny movie and after the movie I kissed her on the lips.Kayla went crazy on me and stared yelling "What are you doing i'm dating Harry." and walked off.

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