A Lucky Girl



16. The Truth

Kayla's P.O.V

Today Louis called me to go to the studio and talk to him about secrets or something like that.Every time me and Abby talk she sounds scared but what would I know.I'm in the car passing Third St and see Lou in front of a building I walk out of the car and kiss Louis.He smiles faintly.Then he grabbed my hand and took me inside and we sat down on stools."Kayla I love you and don't ever forget that." I nodded and said I love you too.Louis goes on with his talk and starts saying Abby was saying all of these things like I don't deserve Louis and stuff like that.My eyes were tearing up but Lou went on.Then he says "Me and Abby did "some things" three nights ago." I knew what he meant by "some things" I couldn't hold back my tears anymore and I let them out and ran towards my car untill Louis grabbed my hand and said "I love you Kayla!!"I finally broke free of his grip and sped off.When I made it to the hotel I run up to mine and Louis's room to grab all of my stuff.After I was done packing I went to open the door and Louis grabbed my hand and said "Kayla don't go I love you."I pushed Lou and ran to the closest room so I ran to Harry's room and knocked on the door.Harry awnsered it and I ran into his open arms "Kayla what happened?"Then Lou opened the door and ran towards me and grabbed my arm."Kayla what happened?" Harry kept asking.I ran to the bathroom door and locked it.Lou kept banging on the door saying "Kayla, please I'm sorry!"I just couldn't stop crying.Louis said I will always love you and left Harry's room I finally unlocked the door and ran into Harry's arms and said "Louis cheated on me with Abby."Harry looked shocked and started wiping the tears of my cheeks with his thumb.He started saying "It's ok.You can stay here for a while if you want."I nodded.Harry grabbed a shirt and sweats and said "You can wear these if you want to."I grabbed the outfit and went into the bathroom to get changed.After I got changed I sat on the bed next to Harry.I said "Thank you."he replyed with "Anything for you darling."and kissed my cheek I started blushing.I really missed Harry but I don't know if I am ready for another relationship.

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