A Lucky Girl



12. The fight

Kayla's P.O.V

"Harry we need to talk."I tell him and he nodds.Harry asks "What babe?"Well Louis invited me over to his house and I said sure."Uhhhh ok."he says. I go on with the story and when I was done saying Louis kissed me Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me two doors down to Louis's room and knocked well more like trying to brake the door down*KNOCK KNOCK*Louis awnsers and said "Kayla coming back huh?"Then Harry punched Lou in the face and when Louis was on the ground Harry stared kicking Louis's head and screaming at him.I stood there in udder shock but I had to do something so I grabbed Harry and started screaming "Stop!""Quit hurting him!"After he quit his rampage he grabbed Louis's shirt and said "Stay away from my girlfriend."But I corrected him by saying "Ex-girlfriend."Then he left and went to his room.I shut the door and dragged  Louis to his bed and layed down with him.I stared crying when I was rubbing his face with my thumb like Harry did on our first date.While he was unconscious I held his hand and didn't leave his sight.I fell asleep while watching an episode of Adventure Time.I woke up and noticed Lou's face was swelling so I grabbed a plastic baggie and filled it with ice then placed it on his face.About an hour later Louis finally woke up which made me run over to him and kiss him.At first he looked shocked then started getting into the kiss that lasted about 5 seconds.All of the sudden he whispers "I love you Kayla." and I replyed with "I love you too Louis."He had a huge smile on his face which made me smile and we kissed again but this time with more passion.Louis then asked "Aren't you still dating Harry?" I told him what happend and told Louis that I want to be with him and not Harry.

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