A Lucky Girl



2. School and Suprise

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* I slammed my hand on the snooze button.It's time for school I personally hate school but I have no choice.*You're so pretty when you cry when you cr..*"Hey Kayla what do you want from Starbucks?" Abby asked I replyed saying "I want a ice coffee and a doughnut."I hung up and got dressed I put my hair in a messy bun.Abby and Bryanna got home I gobbled my food in 3 minutes flat."Hay Kayla I put all of us in the One Direction sweepstakes." Bryanna said as she was poking Abby's cheek.Abby replied with "Bry why we are not going to win you know." Bryanna nodded her head and said "I know."Then I butted in and said "But we all can try at least!"After that debate we got in the car well Abby's car.Abby and Bry are 18 while I the youngest was 17.When we pulled up at our school we saw Bryanna's ex-boyfriend Treshawn swallowing the head cheerleader and most popular girl in school Samantha.I could see Bryanna's eyes watering up.I knew she still missed him but if I tried to say anything Bry would yell at me.Abby told Bryanna to forget him and then Abby started to sing Forget You by Celo Green.That made me giggle a bit.We made our way to class my social studies teacher Ms.Soboleski Started blabing about some famous historian while I daydreamed about One Direction.After that torture,It was finally lunch time YAY!!  When I got to the lunch  room I sat next to Abby and Bry.Bryanna started talking about her first kiss then Abby started talking about hers.This got me upset because I havent had my first kiss...well I actually never had a boyfriend. Which was pretty embarassing for me because I thought I was pretty.About five hours later schools out for Christmas Break yes! Me,Bry,and Abby hopped into our car .I liked to be in the back seat so no one could bother me while I do my homework.We pulled up to our house and went inside.I went up in my room to feed Bella (my Guinea pig) and Blueberry and Lemonhead (my birds) and Hope (my dog) and dont forget my 3 cats Izzy,Emmit,and Lucy.When I ploped on my bed I checked all my notifications then I got on my email And here is what it said 

 Dear Kayla, Congradulations you will go meet One Direction and get the V.I.P ticket to go to Madison Square Garden in New York.Your limo will be at your house tonight at 7:30 and thank you for entering.~_______________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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