A Lucky Girl



7. Pool Time

Later that day....

"Pool time!" Louis screamed down the hallway leading to the pool."Where is Harry?" I asked. Zayn replyed  "He said he was already at the pool getting changed into his bathing suit."I just nodded and continued walking.Niall swiped his pool key and said "Ladies first." I did as so and picked out a chair and grabbed a towl.All the sudden I heard a door slam.I turned around and saw Harry in very tight black speedos.I looked away real fast then Louis and the rest of the boys screamed at the top of their lungs "Cannon Ball!!!"I personally thought there was a tsunami going on.After a while of them splashing eachother Liam asked me "Kayla why are you not in the water?"I told them "The water is cold and you will splash me." then Louis said with his beautiful eyes "No we won't."I nodded then sat by the pool dipping in my legs.Me and Niall started talking and he begged me to get in but I said no.But then Niall started smirking as I turned around Louis pushed me in the ice cold water.After I rised from the water I asked "What was that for?!" Harry said "We wanted you to join in on the fun."Then all the sudden Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him.I just couldn't stop looking into his Emerald eyes.

Harry's P.O.V

I have a huge crush on Kayla.But then I heard Louis tell Zayn he liked her to.Then I thought tonight I could actually talk to her.So when I grabbed her hand I stared into her beautiful brown eyes I was about to kiss her but then I though what if she didn't like me.About 2 seconds later Louis dunked me into the water ruining the moment and I thought *Why did you just ruin the best time of my life?!* but I didn't want to say that in front of her.I hope Louis has a clue that I like Kayla way more than he does.

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