A Lucky Girl



3. Leaving

When I finished reading I screamed "Oh My GOD I won!I Won!I WON! "Abby and Bry come here guys." they scrambled up the stairs like angry bulls."I love you Bryanna sooo much!" I said she asked what was going on I told her I won the 1D sweep stakes and her and Abby flipped.I told them to check their email and they did as told and they both replyed by saying we didn't win Kayla.I said I'm really sorry and hugged them then I told them I have to leave to go tonight.I smiled faintly.They both said "Well better luck next time." and went downstairs.I heard them both sniffiling quite loud actually.I felt really bad but it's not my fault they didn't win.I packed 10 shirts and 12 pairs of pants and 5 pairs of shoes.I looked at the clock and It was 7:20.With a little bit of time left I said goodbye to my animals all of the animals were mine so I said goodbye to them all.*Ding Dong* I grabbed my bag and opened up my door it was my driver he guided me to a lovely black vehicle.He being a gentlemen opened up my door for me when I crawled in the car he asked me if I was Kayla B. and i replyed with "Yes sir."I asked what his name was and he awnsered "Jouilo Fernando."I nodded even though I was gigling inside I hate being serious and thats why I hate school so much.About 40 minutes later the car stopped and Joulio got out of the car and grabbed my bags out of the back seat and guided me to the opening of the airport.Joulio said goodbye and closed the door.I looked at my plane ticket and it read Flight 222 I looked on the plane schedule and my plane was leaving in 5 minutes.I rushed to my plane entrance and sat at seat 127 I sat all by myself.Right when I got on the plane I truged to the restroom luckliy it wasn't occupied.When I was done I got back in my seat and buckled my seatbelt.The woman who gave me a blanket asked if I knew who the winner of the 1D sweepstakes was and I said it was me.She looked at me and chuckled I rolled my eyes and soon I fell asleep.After 14 hours of sleep I woke up and asked the grumpy woman when the flight would end and she said I should know and that I'm the one with the schedule.After the conversation she walked away with her fingertips pointing up.About 2 hours of looking out the window my ears popped and that meant the plane was about to land.

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