A Lucky Girl



18. I Love You

"Good morning beautiful." Harry said to me as I woke up."Hello handsome."  I said and smiled back to him."Well somebodys happy this morning." he said back."Kayla I have to tell you something." I nodded "Well I still love you." Hazza said."Well thats good because I love you too."I said happily Harry came close to me and kissed me it was no ordinary kiss it was passionate.We both pulled away for some air."Kayla I love you.""I love you too Hazza."we told eachother."Harry what about Louis he is going to get angry that me and you are dating an-" Harry cut me off and said "Babe it's okay he won't do anything because you are mine and I love you so much,I would die for you Kayla." "If you love me then shout it to the world." I stated "I love you." "Why did you say it to me?" "Because you are my world." Harry said with a cheeky smile upon his face.

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