A Lucky Girl



4. Going to the Hotel

My ears were not popped anymore and the plane stopped.When I saw people grabbing their bags out of the cabinet type of things I grabbed my stuff and got off the plane.Then I saw a neon green poster board that said Kayla come here!!I followed the poster into a taxi.The man driving the taxi asked me if my name is Kayla B. I replyed with a simple yes.Then he told me to get in the taxi so I got in the vehicle.Then Estubon (the taxi man) told me I will be staying at a 5 star hotel which got me very excited because I've never been to a 5 star hotel mean I've been to every other star hotel just not a 5.After an hour passed we finally got to the hotel then Estubon showed me my room it was the most uniuqe hotel I've ever been to it was just so pretty with 12 pools 5 kichens and 1,567 rooms the whole hotel was like five mansions put together.After I put my stuff away I went to explore.It was amazing.*You're so pretty when you cry whe..* Hello?I said into the phone.I heard loud crying.I checked the caller i.d and it was Abby.Oh,I totally forgot about Abby and Bry the whole time.Then I heard Abby say our house has burned down aproxamently 30 minutes ago.I asked if everyone was ok Abby said yes.Then I asked if my animals were ok and Bryanna took the phone and said Blueberry and Lemonhead didn't make it.I asked "Why?" Bry said "Because of the smoke.".They said the fire was caused by a gas exposion but how would I know.I hung up and started crying I had my birds since 3rd grade and I loved them so much.I just need to be alone.After I was done having my moment I took a shower and got dressed.*Knock Knock* I rushed to the door and opened it.Right before my eyes were One Direction.They gigled when the saw my shocked expression.I said hi and hugged them all.Niall said I sounded worried and I said my house just burned down two of my animals were killed but everything else was saved.Liam gave me a worried look and asked "Do you live by yourself?" I replyed with "No I live with my cousin and our friend."Zayn said "We will send them tickets and V.I.P passes."Sounds good I told him.

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