A Lucky Girl



8. Best Day Ever

Last night was crazy I thought to myself.*KNOCK KNOCK*I went to go open my door and guess what it was Abby and Bryanna!I hugged them and let them in they put my animals on the ground.Bryanna and Abby both asked "What did you do with the boys last night?" I told them I just went to the pool they said "Well was it fun?" I nodded.*KNOCK KNOCK* I went to open the door and I saw Harry with a rose.He handed me the rose and kissed my hand.I blushed then Abby and Bry waved to Harry trying not to cry and scream.Harry told me to tell my friends that Zayn,Louis,Niall,and Liam will be here in 5.When I told them they had grins 2 miles wide.I told Harry I had to get ready real fast and he nodded and walked into my room.I grabbed a sweater with a black cat a pair of skinny jeans and black uggs.When the guys got here Louis looked at me and Harry weird but I didn't know what was going on.I only met them 2 days ago.Harry grabbed my hand and we ran out of the hotel he took me to a tall tree with a basket of food underneath it.We sat down and he told me im beautiful.I blushed of course.He pushed a piece of hair out of my face and was rubbing my cheek with his thumb.After we finished eating he took me to the movies and we saw Paranormal Ativity 4 every time I got scared I threw popcorn everywhere. Harry kept giggling every time that happend.After the movie he took me to a nearby carnival first he took me to the cottoncandy stand to get of course cotton candy,we shared the cotton candy btw.After a couple of rides the intercom told us *10 minutes till closing* most peple left but we didnt he guided me to a ferris wheel I told him I am scared of heights.But we still got on I closed my eyes but he gentley grabbed my face and said "Just look at me at least." I quickly opened my eyes and looked into his eyes but then I snuggled with him because we were stuck at the top.I smooshed my face in his chest and he put his finger under my chin which lifted my head and we kissed.I was thinking in my head *OMG IM KISSING HARRY FREAKING STYLES!!!!*We kissed for a while and we didnt notice the ride was over and the person who controls the ride was tapping his foot on the ground.As soon as we ran of the ride we ran to the car.Best Day Ever

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