A Lucky Girl



17. About Last Night

Harry's P.O.V

I honestly love Kayla more than anybody on this Earth.It gets awkward when I am around Louis but oh well.I still can't believe Lou cheated on Kayla like that but with her cousin which makes it even worse.Last night I kissed Kayla,on the cheeck of course if I had the guts I would of kissed her on the lips.And the good part is she blushed soo I think she has something for me.


Kayla's P.O.V

I have a small crush on Harry well... a huge crush on Harry but I am still upset at Louis for cheating on me.I've never saw Lou cry unitll yesterday which broke my heart.I remember when me and Harry broke up over a kiss,a small simple kiss.Harry was just trying to protect me from Louis but I fell for Louis.One of the worst mistakes of my life.I'm falling for Harry's charm all over again I mean Harry is really sweet to me and everything.The only reason I broke up with him is because....well I don't know all he was trying to do was protect me so there is really no reason to be mad at him.So maybe we could possibly go out.

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