A Shot At Love

What happens when a normal girl randomly, meets the worlds most famous boyband on a plane? Will they become friends? Or maybe more? Will she fall in love? Will one of them fall for her? Or maybe more than one? Maybe, maybe not?


2. Saying goodbye

Chapter two

Harry's POV

I was so tired. We almost missed the flight, because of the fans, who wanted to take pictures and stuff. But thank god we made it in time, or else I wouldn't have met the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She has the most amazing smile, and her laugh is so innocent. Everything about her is perfect. When I first got onto the plane, and I spotted her, all I could think of was how beautiful she was. I couldn't even speak when I saw her.  Her eyes were so beautiful, I could stare into them for hours. When we all found our seats, and waited for the plane to depart, she read a magazine. I couldn't help but think if she knew who we were? When she finished reading her magazine, she took her IPod out and put her headphones in her ears. The song was More Than This. She knew who we were. I wondered why she didn't get all excited and started to scream, like the fans usually do. Soon she was sleeping on my shoulder.  Her hair was in her eyes, so I gently put her hair behind her ear, so I could see her breath-taking face. I quietly whispered "You are beautiful." in her ear. I don't think she heard, because she seemed like she was already sleeping. I looked to where Niall was seated, and I noticed a little bit of jealousy in his eyes. I could be wrong, but. My thoughts were distracted when Louis suddenly started screaming.. Oh Louis.

"I'M SO THIRSTY! I'm gonna die." Louis screamed.

"Shut up you'll wake Hannah up." I said.

"Yeah Louis, she looks really tired and peaceful. Be quiet please." Niall said.

"Will you get me something to drink?" Louis said.

"The plane lands in 1 hour. You'll live." Liam said.

"Ugh you are all so mean." Louis said.

*50 minutes later*

"Wake up Hannah, we are landing." I said.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep on your shoulder, I'm sorry." Hannah said.

"It's fine love,  you look adorable while  your asleep." I said. She blushed.

"Hannah look outside, It's so beautiful.." Niall said pointing out the window.

"Wow it's beautiful." Hannah said.

"Just like you." Niall replied.

"Aww thank you Niall." Hannah said

"Ali is not waking up, I tried everything!" Zayn said.

"Maybe this will help her wake up." Louis said.

Louis had a cup full of freezing water, and before anyone could stop him, he dumped it on Ali.


"I'm sorry but we couldn't find another way to wake you up." Louis said.

"You'll pay for this." Ali said.

"But that's not fair." Louis replied.

"Calm down, we are landing in a minute." Liam said.

*Off the plane, still Harry's POV*

I got my bag down from the luggage compartment. I was about to offer to help Hannah get hers down, but Niall already did that, and  placed her bag in front of her. The other lads got their hand luggage. We walked towards the aircraft door. Hannah walked right in front of me. Her long, curly, brown hair, felt perfectly down her back.  Soon we had to say goodbye to the girls. I was really upset, I think Liam noticed because he patted my back and smiled. I gave him a weak smile back.

"Well, we better get going." Ali said.

"Yeah, we need to get to our new apartment and unpack." Hannah said.

"Aww, bye girls, we will miss you!" Louis said.

Louis gave Hannah a tight hug, and then Ali. Next was Zayn he hugged Hannah, then he hugged Ali, but it was for a little longer time. Then Liam went to hug them. Niall hugged Ali, then Hannah a little longer than he might should have done. I felt a little jealous, but brushed it off, and went to hug Ali. At last I hugged Hannah, and I didn't want to let go. Louis let out a little cough, so I let go. I Looked into her beautiful eyes, and said goodbye. This was it. And wasn't ready to say goodbye. Not at all.




Niall's POV

The fans were all over the airport. Everywhere. They were screaming like crazy. I couldn't wait to get onto the plane, so I could just relax. Unless I was going to sit next to another screaming fan... I almost ran to the gate so we didn't miss the plane. I ran through the door, and there I saw the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She had long, curly dark brown hair. She had big brown eyes. And her smile. My gosh. It had the power to light up the whole world. We instantly got eye contact. The only thing I could think of was how badly I wanted to sit next to her. I walked down the hall. I looked at my ticket. Yes. Right next to the beautiful girl.

I went down to my seat. I tapped the girl on her shoulder.

"Hey, I'm Niall, what is your name?" I said.

"Hi, I'm Hannah." she replied.

"Mind if I sit here?" I said pointing at the window seat.

She quickly nodded. I could see the other boys storming through the door. I introduced the other lads to Hannah, and  Hannah introduced us to her friend Allison.

Harry sat down next the Hannah.

Throughout the whole flight I kept trying to chat and flirt with her. I worked most of the time, until Harry started flirting with her... He can't like her. He just can't. She was the perfect girl for me. She was sweet, funny and beautiful. I got a little jealous when I saw that she was sleeping on Harry's shoulder.

Hours later we landed in London, I quickly grabbed my bag, and then helped Hannah to get hers down. I looked at Harry. I think he was going to offer to help her too, but. To late Haz.

We got off the plane and we had to say goodbye.

I bent in to hug her. We just stood there for seemed like hours, but it was only about a minute. I don't know if I hugged her a little longer than I should have but. I just didn't want to let go of her. Never. I wish I could hold her like this forever. The girls took off and we went to our car.

I can't believe I didn't get her number. I'm a complete idiot. I'm almost sure Harry has feeling for Hannah too, but I don't care. I don't know her that well, but she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. The boys and I were on our way to the studio, and after that out for dinner. We were all really hungry. Especially me. I really want to meet Hannah again, but I didn't get her number. And even if I did Harry would have made his move, and she would probably fall for him since everyone loves Harry Styles. Maybe she was just another girl. But I felt different when she looked at me. Different in a good way of course. She didn't scream the fans usually would. She seemed so sweet, and her lips looked so soft. I would do anything to get to know her, but I think forgetting her seemed like the right thing to do. I most likely won't meet her again. 

Zayn's POV

We were all in the car driving to the studio. Everyone was silent. I think we were all thinking about the girls. They were both so sweet and beautiful. I wish we had been able to spend more time with them, and get to know them properly. I noticed Niall and Harry on the plane. I could tell that they were both into Hannah. I knew the both fancied her because of the way they looked at her. They both seemed really upset right now, because we were most likely not going to see them ever again. I am pretty upset to. I wanted to get to know Ali. She was stunning, funny and so sweet. I guess we all just have to forget about them, it's the best for all of us.

Hannah's POV

Niall hugged me really tight and said goodbye. Then Harry bent in to hug me. He didn't let go, until Louis let out a little cough. I didn't want to let go of him either. I really think I am falling for him, but I really like Niall as well. I am so confused.

"I still can't believe what just happened. I'm really going to miss them." Ali said.

"You mean you're going to miss Zayn." I replied."

"No all of them. They are all so kind, and funny." Ali said.

"Whatever, if you say so.." I said.

"Someone is in a bad mood?" Ali said.

"I'm fine." I replied.

"What is wrong Han?" Ali asked.

"Nothing. It's nothing." I said.

"Come on Han, I know your lying." She said.

"I don't know.  I just. Really like Harry, but I also think I have feelings for Niall. And what's worse is that I forgot to get their number, and I might never meet them again!" I said.

"I don't know what to say. I wish I could help you, but you just have to follow your heart. And hopefully we'll meet them again one day. Maybe at one of their upcoming signings the next months." Ali said, trying to cheer me up.

"I really hope so." I replied.

"Come on, we can't be upset over guys, when we are supposed to having the time of our life, now that we are here in London! This is gonna be a blast!" Ali said cheerfully.

"Yeah, I guess." I replied.

Allison's POV

I could see how torn she was. I felt awful, because I couldn't do anything about it. We were in a new city, starting over on our own. I hope I can get her mind off them.

"Let's get a cab." I said.

"Yeah, let's do that." Hannah said.

We got into the cab. We didn't talk throughout the whole time. I knew Hannah was hurting. She just sat there and starred out of the window. It is killing me that I can't t do anything to help her.

We arrived at our new flat. It was HUGE. We just stood there for a second and  appreciated the look of our new apartment. The apartment had 3 huge bedrooms and each had its own bathroom. There was a big kitchen, two living rooms, a big dining  room, a basement that had a movie theatre. The best part was the hot tub on our veranda.

Back to Hannah's POV

I think Ali started to notice, that I'm torn. Even though I tell her that I'm fine, and to try act like nothing is wrong. But the truth is I'm not fine. Not at all. I wasted the biggest chance of my life. A chance I'm probably never going to get again. I wish I just asked for their numbers, or asked if we should go out for a coffee sometime. God I'm so stupid.  But I can't let that ruin this. Ali was right. We were supposed to be having the time of our lives. I just have to forget the thought of being with Harry or Niall.

Ali and I arrived at our flat. It was the biggest apartment I've ever seen! We stood there for a minute, before Ali said.

"I'll go check out the flat." She said.

"Yeah, I'm coming in a minute." I replied.

I turned around to get my luggage, then I felt someone slam into my shoulder,

"Excuse you!" I yelled.

"Ohh I'm so sorry love, I didn't see you there." Someone said.
I turned around to find this tall, beautiful, tan guy, with dark brown hair, and big blue eyes standing right in front of me. He was wearing a red Hollister jumper, blue jeans and black converse. He looked so handsome.

"Ohh-it-it's okay." I replied.

"Here, let me help you with that." he said grabbing my suitcases.

"It's okay, I'm fine thanks.." I replied.

"Ohh, I'm Pete by the way." He said. He stuck his hand out as I shook it.

"I'm Hannah, but my friends call me Han." I replied.

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He smirked. I blushed.

"Okay, I'll see you around." He said, while he walked back towards the street.

"Yeah, I guess." I replied. He smiled. God he was so beautiful. His blue eyes was hypnotizing. And his smile, I smiled just my the thought of it. Wait. Why didn't I get his number? or asked where he lived? God not again... What if I never see him again? This is so not happening again. 2 times in 1 day? great. just. great.

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